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Meet your 2017 AjPHA officer candidates

Meet the amazing Youth who are running for a spot on the AjPHA Executive Committee. AjPHA National Directors can cast their votes online June 20–July 12; the Youth Executive Committee for 2017–2018 will be announced thereafter. Candidates will give their speeches at the AJPHA Youth Convention (June 28 at the Youth World Show in Fort Worth, Texas) and campaign during the show’s Ice Cream Party (July 3), too!

Anna Lia Sullivan, 17
Southampton, NJ
Position: President-Elect

Anna Lia is active in the GSPHYC and has been showing for nine years. She wants to see increased involvement in the CHAMPS program and will use her presidential project to increase awareness about it. She is also involved in orchestra, German club, NHS, 4-H, USEF and IEA. Anna Lia will take the reins as the new AjPHA president at the Youth World Show.

Brittany Disch, 17
Monroe, WI
Running for: President, Vice President, Secretary
Slogan: “Let me paint our world to success.”

Brittany has been involved in showing Paint Horses her entire life and has served as the Wisconsin Paint Horse Club president and an AjPHA national director for three years. She is involved as an officer for many extracurricular activities, including FFA, Student Council and National Honors Society. She wants kids to realize the endless opportunities APHA has to offer youth, even outside of showing.

Sabine Lazo, 14
Caldwell, TX
Running for: Vice President
Slogan: “If you want to see AjPHA at its best, vote Sabine Lazo and let me do the rest!”

Sabine has been involved in showing horses since she was 5 and has served as a zone representative for Zone 4 and on the AjPHA Executive Committee. She is a officer for the Caldwell FFA, GCPHC and TPHC and believes that interaction is the most important part of any organization. She will strive to represent the core beliefs of APHA. Sabine is also very involved in extracurricular activities with her school and participates in UIL events.


Olivia Becker, 16
Deer Park, Wisconsin
Running for: Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Zone 5 Representative

Slogan: “Paints and Youth – a Formula for Success!”
Olivia has been involved with many different events and disciplines, but she got her first registered Paint horse when she was 6 years old. She is active with New Richmond FFA and the Springbrook 4-H clubs. Additionally, she participates in basketball, softball and plays violin. One of Olivia’s goals if she attains an office is to help other youth learn about great ways to be involved with AjPHA as well as encouraging youth to join so they can gain the same beneficial experiences as she has while being involved.

Riley Summerall, 12
Maryville, TN
Running for: Zone Representative
Slogan: “Love a Paint! Change your world!”

Riley is a member of the Tennessee Paint Horse Club and is involved in 4-H and IEA. She wants to see more youth in Tennessee join APHA. She also enjoys going on church mission trips.


Maryann Johnson, 14
Drewryville, VA
Running for: Secretary, Zone Representative
Slogan: “And the next contestant is …”

Maryann has been involved showing horses for seven years and has served as vice-president of the VjPHC for two years. She is also involved with the Southampton 4-H Livestock Club, FFA, plays softball and field hockey, and shows goats and heifers. She loves community service, and her goal for AjPHA is to see the solid Paint-bred numbers increase.

Jackie Woolever, 17
Winnebago, IL
Running for: Zone Representative
Slogan: “Paint the future one stride at a time.”

Jackie has been involved with Paint Horses her entire life and is involved with the Illinois Paint Horse Club, as well as 4-H and her county 4-H drill team. She would like to see things happen and wants to help spread people’s ideas for improvements.

Madison Martin, 14
Evington, VA
Running for: Secretary
Slogan: “Together we can make a difference.”

Madison has been involved in APHA and has served as a national director and secretary for VjPHC. She is very involved in social media and the newsletters for the VPHC and is also involved in 4-H, French Club, JV basketball, Young Republicans Club and Fellowship of Christian Athletes. She hopes that she can help AjPHA members not only become more involved in shows, but also learn what it means to be a leader.

Rana Orson, 14
Saint Louis, MO
Slogan: “I can keep the notes, if you give me your vote.”
Running for: Secretary

Rana has been riding Paints since she was 8. She has also been a national director since age 10 and was last year’s Zone 5 representative. She is a certified side-walker for equine-assisted therapy, plays tennis for her school and volunteers as a babysitter in an aftercare program. Her main goal for AjPHA is to have current members become more involved so that their fresh, new ideas can be heard.

Alexis Lint, 14
Boonville, NY
Slogan: “Take pride in how far you’ve come and take faith in how far you can go.”
Running for: President-Elect, Vice President, Zone 7 Representative

Alexis is on her second year showing Paints, but has been a member of 4-H for four years and has recently been invited to join the IEA of New York. She is also a girl scout, dances and has donated her time to gift wrap for Toys for Tots. Her main goal for AjPHA is to increase participation at Paint shows by encouraging her fellow youth to join and educating them about APHA.

Renee Conklin, 14
Hallsville, MO
Slogan: “Building Our Legacy”
Running for: Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Zone 5 Representative

Renee has been a national director in the past and president of the MjPHC for two years. She is also involved in her local FFA, student council and helps out at her local food bank. Her main goal for AjPHA is to increase involvement for all AjPHA activities. She also wants the national directors to work together more often to make the association the best it can be for future generations.

Mannetta McAvaddy, 14
Vineland, NJ
Slogan: “Refusing to be ordinary and standing out with AjPHA!”
Running for: Zone 7 Representative

Mannetta has owned and shown Paints for 11 years. Her main goal for AjPHA is to see more members actively involved with their regional clubs. She also hopes to have more members who might not show still be active by participating in scholarships and contests.

Reagan Jennings, 14
College Station, TX
Slogan: “Vote Reagan Jennings for Treasurer. It just makes cents!”
Running for: Treasurer, Zone 4 Representative

Reagan has been involved with Paints for three years. She is also a member of the Brazos County 4-H Club, FFA and is treasurer for the TPHA. Additionally, she is involved with soccer, band, student council and Natural Helpers. Reagan is involved in her church youth group and hopes to grow AjPHA through community involvement and outreach.

Reece Chapman, 12
Bellevue, MI
Slogan: “I would go the extra mile if you vote for me as your Zone 8 representative!”
Running for: Zone 8 Representative

Reece has been involved with Paints since he was born and has attended the past two Youth Leadership Conferences. He is involved in the Baseline 4-H Club by showing pigs, student council at Pennville Middle School, the cross-country team and lacrosse. His main goal for AjPHA is to increase memberships through advertising, as well as increasing attendance at the Youth Leadership Conference.

Kaden Strom, 15
Dawson, ND
Slogan: “Add a little Paint to you life”
Running for: Zone 3 Representative

Kaden has been showing Paints since she was 5 and is also involved with the Bismarck 4-H Horse Club. She is also on the student council and is a part of the cross country, track and lacrosse teams. Additionally, she is a leader for the mentoring program “Where Everyone Belongs.” Her main goal for AjPHA is to increase memberships by spreading the word about AjPHA.


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