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Meet the Summer 2018 APHA interns

By Macy Morgan

Each year, APHA helps exceptional students get their foot in the door to the equine community through its internship program. This summer, four new faces are joining the APHA team as 2018 interns.

Jacob Grinstead

Hailing from Hutchinson, Kansas, Jacob is one of two Performance Department interns. He attends Kansas State University, where he is majoring in agriculture economics with a specialty option focused in animal science. Jacob is no stranger to APHA, as he was a AjPHA national director and Youth Executive Committee member in high school. Growing up, Jacob showed Cant Zip My Rockies with his sister, but he started roping when he went into high school. To stay active in the Kansas Paint Horse community, he announced KPHA shows and served on leadership teams. Jacob has continued with roping and competes on the Kansas State University rodeo team.

“The APHA community made me feel welcomed and valued during my time in a leadership role,” Jacob said. “Because of these experiences, I knew I could see myself working for APHA in the future, so I applied for the internship to get a foot in the door and see what office life was really like here.”

Paige Arehart

Originally from Hebron, Indiana, Paige recently graduated with a Master of Science in agricultural sciences education and communications from Purdue University. Previously, she attended Saint Mary of-the-Woods College as an undergrad, where she majored in elementary education. Paige’s first word was “horse,” and she grew up with horses, receiving her first horse when she was 4 years old. Other than riding, Paige has been involved in many educational and knowledge-based events, including competing in horse bowl, hippology and horse judging. While pursuing her undergrad, she even started a one-woman judging team and went on to win the All American Quarter Horse Congress high-point individual and high-point performance individual titles in 2014. Now, Paige is looking to gain experience at APHA as a Performance Department intern and get her foot in the door of the Paint Horse community.

“I knew that the ideal within this field would be working with both youth and horses, as it speaks to my passion for horses as well as love for educating youth,” Paige said.” This position encompasses both of these aspects and therefore will be a great jumping off point as I seek further industry employment as well as to gain hands-on experience.”

Libby Collins

Publications intern Libby left her hometown of Carrollton, Texas, to attend Oklahoma State University. She graduated in May with her Bachelor’s degree in strategic communications. Libby grew up showing Paints, but she took a break from APHA showing during college because she was a member of the OSU varsity equestrian team. Libby is used to seeing the AjPHA Youth World Show from inside the arena, as she showed Hustle Thou Art Romeo in 2012 and won the All-Around Novice Youth title. In her final two years as a Youth, Libby showed Zippos Paycheck. She plans to show him in Amateur classes this year.

“I wanted to intern at APHA because I grew up showing Paints and loving this organization. I wanted to get an inside look at what makes APHA so successful,” Libby said.

Macy Morgan

Previously the Marketing Department intern in the fall of 2017, Macy returns from Weatherford, Texas, to gain more experience at APHA. An agricultural communications major at Tarleton State University, Macy normally takes courses focused on livestock and crop production, but she spent most of her childhood on the back of a horse, whether showing at local shows or helping her family do ranch work. Throughout high school, she drifted away from the horse world, but has always had a love for horses, especially flashy-colored ones. When she first found the APHA internship program, she applied in hopes of getting her name out there, but after being at APHA for three months she knew there was more to learn.

“When offered the internship for the second time, I knew I had to take it because in the fall I fell in love with this organization,” Macy said. “There are always more people to meet, more things to do and more pretty horses to see. I love that I get the opportunity to do so many different tasks and learn from some of the best people.”


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