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Meet the 2021-2022 AjPHA Executive Committee candidates

APHA has multiple talented youth members that are seeking a spot on the AjPHA Executive Committee. The AjPHA Executive Committee positions will be selected by an online vote from June 27–July 11 by our current AjPHA national directors (details coming soon to national directors via email). Candidates will give speeches at the AjPHA Youth Convention on June 27 and will have the opportunity to campaign during the World Show.

Check out the 2021-2022 AjPHA Executive Committee candidates!


Alyssa Martin
Candidate Position: Treasurer & Zone 1 Representative
Slogan: Determination, Dedication & Stable(ity)…Vote for Aly!

Alyssa has been riding horses since she was 5 years old, and she has shown APHA for several years now. Alyssa is the current treasurer for the Washington State Junior Paint Horse Club where she enjoys learning about equine education and participating in community service projects. As an officer, she would like to grow AjPHA memberships and bring youth together to have fun while promoting Paint Horses.

Angelica Zizza
Candidate Position: Zone 7 Representative
Slogan: Zone 7 we represent our zone proudly

Angelica has been riding Paint Horses since she was just 4 years old. Although horses play a big part in Angelica’s life, she also plays tennis. Outside of APHA, Angelica has completed in open shows, YEDA and AQHA. Angelica is excited to have the opportunity to run for the AjPHA Zone 7 representative position and hopes to get more youth involved that do not always speak up.

Ashlyn Montague
Candidate Positions: Treasurer & Zone 2 Representative
Slogan: Every Barn Needs a Little Paint

Ashlyn Montague is an honor student at Corner Canyon High School. After graduating high school with her associates degree, she plans to further her education with a degree in equine science. She has been showing horses in 4-H, AQHA and APHA since she was 7 years old. She is currently serving as a 4-H state ambassador, president of the Utah Junior Paint Horse Club and was elected as an AjPHA national director for 2021-2022. She is passionate about Paint Horses and feels that serving in this organization is a privilege and loves being an ambassador for the association. As an officer, Ashlyn would like to see more youth involvement.

Colten Dulin
Candidate Position: Treasurer
Slogan: Paint your life

Colten is a 13-year-old from Idaho. He is active in his local AjPHA regional club and is a current AjPHA national director. Outside of APHA, Colten enjoys soccer, baseball, video games and hanging out with his friends. Colten is excited to be involved with AjPHA and looks forward to connecting with more youth as they share a common interest in Paint Horses. As an officer, Colten would like to learn how to use technology to connect with other horse friends.

Cody Dulin
Candidate Positions: Secretary & Zone 1 Representative
Slogan: Every kid needs a little Paint

Cody has been an active Paint Horse member for over eight years now. He has been an AjPHA national director and AjPHA Zone 1 representative for several years. Cody has enjoyed serving as a youth member and looks forward to having a wonderful last youth year. As an officer, Cody would like to see the CHAMPS program grow by adding more classes at local shows.

Emily Coggins
Candidate Positions: Vice President & Zone 9 Representative
Slogan: It’s easy; vote EC! Emily Coggins for Vice President

Emily is 17 years old and a junior in high school. She has been involved with APHA since she met her awesome Paint Horse, Sonnys Last Star, at age 10. During her time as an AjPHA member, Emily has loved taking part in the many opportunities that APHA provides from showing to leadership programs! Emily aspires to be an equine veterinarian and plans to go on calls with her veterinarian over the summer. Outside of APHA, she loves riding her horse bareback, playing sports, writing for my school paper and photography. As an officer, Emily would like to help APHA to partner with schools to create an equestrian athletic lettering program that recognizes student’s involvement with Paint Horses by awarding them a varsity letter.

Hannah Janssen
Candidate Position: Zone 10 Representative
Slogan: To make your Paint Horse dreams come true!

Hannah has been involved with Paint Horses since she was very young as she started out in the Walk-Trot division and now is in the 18 & Under division. She currently shows a 16-year-old gelding and a 2-year-old gelding that she started herself. For the past 3 years, Hannah has also been the president of the Alberta Junior Paint Horse Club. As an officer, Hannah would like to see more youth involvement at APHA shows by planning activities and making various promotional materials.

Lea Klink
Candidate Positions: Zone 12 Representative
Slogan: Spend the time you have with the things you love

Lea Klink is a 15-year-old that has been a horse enthusiast for as long as she can remember! Outside of APHA, Lea likes to read books and play with her dogs as well as make her own show clothing. As an AjPHA officer, she would like to help AjPHA increase awareness and promote youth members.

Lexie Lalone
Candidate Positions: Vice President and Secretary
Slogan: Winners never quit, and quitters never win

Lexie has been a long time APHA member that has been showing since she was 5 years old. While she is not showing with APHA, she is a star volleyball player for school and club ball and shows cattle. She is also very involved with her 4-H club and loves to see new people participate. As an officer, Lexie would like to see more of a kid-friendly environment and make new riders feel welcomed.

Madison Brown
Candidate Position: Zone 5 Representative
Slogan: I can do it, you can help!

Madison Brown has been involved with Paint Horses her whole life. She shows her horse, Hot Reservation, in the 18 & Under all-around events and is excited for an opportunity to be a Zone 5 representative. Outside of APHA, Madison is involved in the Kimball FFA and Minnesota High School Equestrian Association. As an AjPHA officer, Madison would like to see more youth at local shows.

Madison Mendes
Candidate Position: Secretary
Slogan: Stop Horsin’ Around! Vote Madison for Secretary

Madison Mendes is a 17-year-old from California that is running for the AjPHA secretary position. Madison is looking forward to the possibility of being a part of the 2021-2022 Executive Committee and excited to be a part of such an amazing organization. As an officer, Madison would like to see more youth involved at the club and national levels.

Melanie Moossdorff
Candidate Position: Zone 11 Representative
Slogan: Paint your way to success

Melanie is an honors student at Sir Wilfrid Laurier French Immersion Secondary School. While attending school, Melanie has participated in badminton, student council, yearbook club and volleyball. She is well-traveled and spent four summers camping coast-to-coast across Canada. Melanie has competed in speed and pleasure events since she was 4, progressing from home shows to club shows to APHA breed shows. As an officer, Melanie would like to motivate more youth to participate in APHA events.

Melody Hackworth
Candidate Position: Secretary & Zone 1 Representative
Slogan: Be in tune and vote for Melody Hackworth for Zone 1 Secretary.

Melody Hackworth has been involved in the horse industry for nine years. Over the past three years, Melody has been showing Paint Horses, which has not only increased her knowledge, but also given her an even deeper appreciation for horses. In the future, she hopes to continue to ride, compete and have a deeper understanding of the relationship with horses. As an officer, Melody would like to see an increase in the number of youth participants.

Morgan Duhon
Candidate Position: Zone 7 Representative
Slogan: Better with a Paint Horse

Morgan is a 13-year-old from Massachusetts that has been loving and riding Paint Horses for four years. Morgan has been an AjPHA national director and is the current secretary for the New England Paint Horse Youth Club. Outside of APHA, Morgan is involved in YEDA and plays basketball. As an AjPHA officer, Morgan would like to see more non-riding activities available for youth members.

Paige Newcomb
Candidate Position: Zone 5 Representative
Slogan: Painting Our Passions

Paige has been riding horses since before she could walk, but her involvement with AjPHA began in 2018. Paige shows her Paint Horse, Roses For Doris, at open and breed shows across Minnesota and the upper Midwest. Outside of horses, Paige enjoys an assortment of extracurricular activities including track, curling, and rocket team. As an officer, Paige would like to gain more involvement in the AjPHA Executive Committee project throughout the Zone 5 region.

Reese Byers
Candidate Position: Vice President, Secretary and Zone 3 Representative
Slogan: No Project Too Big, No Person Too Small—Painting A Brighter Future For All!

Reese is an incoming senior at Garden Plain High School in Kansas. When she is not showing with AjPHA, she loves to take part in the performing arts by playing the flute in her school’s band and on her community’s youth orchestra. Reese feels that performing arts and horse showing are very similar because of the potential it creates to reach out to an audience, and the way you can put your whole heart into it to create something amazing. When Reese graduates, she hopes to pursue a medical degree because she loves to help others in any way possible. As an officer, Reese would like to see more youth at AjPHA shows by organizing grass root events to introduce kids to what AjPHA has to offer.

Reese Yates
Candidate Position: Zone 7 Representative
Slogan: It’s better to try and fail, then to never try at all

Reese is a 17-year-old from New Jersey. She is currently a senior in high school and will be attending Rowan University in the fall where she plans on studying chemical engineering. Reese has been involved in Paint Horses for five years now and is the current Garden State Paint Horse Youth Club president. As an officer, Reese would like to develop conference call for youth to get more connected.

Riley Francis
Candidate Positions: Secretary & Zone 8 Representative
Slogan: The “write” choice for secretary.

Riley is 15-year-old from Michigan that has been an involved AjPHA member. She has been showing horses since she was 8 years old but started showing APHA when she was 11 years old. While with APHA, Riley has been an AjPHA national director, Zone 8 representative and is the current Michigan Junior Paint Horse Club president. Outside of horses, Riley enjoys photography and music. As an officer, Riley’s wants to see more youth get involved in leadership roles and Zone 8.

Taylor Eller
Candidate Position: Zone 4 Representative
Slogan: Please vote for Taylor Eller to represent Zone 4

Taylor has been involved with AjPHA her whole life as she started showing Paint Horses when she was just 3 years old in lead line classes. Taylor’s love for Paint Horses has now grown into her passion for all things APHA! As an AjPHA officer, she would like to see a more of a welcoming atmosphere at APHA shows for newcomers.

Treylyn Hancock
Candidate Positions: President-Elect
Slogan: Make APHA Even Greater- Treylyn 2021

Treylyn is a 16-year-old from Texas. She is an honors student at Needville High School and plans on attending Texas Tech University. She successfully exhibits her Paint Horses in ranch horse and reined cow horse events at APHA, SHOT and NRCHA shows. As an officer, Treylyn would like to see more advocation about the Paint Horse breed with APHA affiliates such as SHTX and NRCHA along with 4-H events. In addition, she wants to make more owners aware of recent rule changes allowing more solid Paint-breds to become Regular Registry.


The AjPHA Executive Committee positions will be selected by an online vote and only AjPHA National Directors will be allowed to vote.

Questions? Contact Megan McMullen at MMcMullen@apha.com.


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