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Meet international APHA intern Ivana Pallister

APHA’s intern program attracts some of the brightest students in the horse community, many of whom continue on to be leaders throughout the equine world. APHA traditionally offers three-month internships during both summer and fall semesters—learn more and apply for these internships online. 

Flexible opportunities are available in select instances, however, and APHA welcomed international intern Ivana Pallister in February. Hailing from the Netherlands, Ivana joins the association for an extended six-month stay to
learn about the inner workings of the world’s second-largest equine breed association. No stranger to Paints or the association, Ivana has already become an integral part of the APHA team.

Ivana attends Zuyd University of Applied Science in Maastricht, the Netherlands, studying International Business with a focus on management and corporate finances. She also recently completed a six-month specialization in management in Vienna, Austria. Ivana will graduate in June 2020, and she also aims to complete a Masters of Business Administration abroad.

Ivana has competed in APHA-approved events in Europe for more than 10 years. During her time as a Youth, Ivana served as an AjPHA national director to bring fresh international perspectives to the organization.

Ivana credits JH Supreme Invitation with profoundly impacting her life. The 2011 chestnut solid mare by Hints Supreme Mickey and out of Invite Me To Ride (QH) came into Ivana’s life as a 3-year-old when the horsewoman was 15. Ivana says JH Supreme Invitation was her first high-caliber show horse, and she admits she naively underestimated the challenges ahead of her.

“When I got her, I thought, ‘OK, now we are going to win everything,’ which proved not as easy as I thought,” she said. “That horse really taught me a lot of life lessons about hard work and patience.”

Ultimately, the duo did achieve their lofty competition goals, including several APHA year-end Honor Roll titles and five European championships.

“After all the learning—and my ego sometimes being hurt—it all turned out fine,” she said.

Ivana considers herself lucky to grow up with a mother who trains horses professionally and the lifestyle that comes along with growing up amongst horses. Though her family currently owns nine horses, Ivana considers Real Sweet Marks her personal charge. Imported from the U.S. to Amsterdam in January 2018, Real Sweet Marks is a 2015 sorrel overo mare by Real Bonanza and out of Skip The Mark.

“[Real Sweet Marks] is a real world traveler, as she had to travel from a small town in Iowa to Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and I took her with me all the way to Vienna, Austria, when I was studying there,” Ivana said. “We will start properly showing her when I get back from the U.S. in August, so I’m very excited for her.”

Ivana was inspired to apply for an APHA internship after attending the 2018 APHA Convention in Fort Worth, Texas, and getting a closer look at how the association is governed.

“It was really interesting to see how doing business was different from what I’m used to in Western Europe, as well as the cultural differences overall,” she said. “Plus, I am also very interested in how the equine industry is set up in the United States.”
I also competed in the Youth World Games in 2014 and 2016; all of this combined made me apply for an internship at APHA over other organizations.”Outside of her equine activities, Ivana enjoys hiking, exploring, visiting museums and learning about history.

Ready to step up your career in the equine industry? Apply for an APHA internship today! The deadline for summer internships is March 15. Learn more and apply here. 


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