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Meet AjPHA’s newest president with the PHJ’s September/October 2019 Inside Look

By Mary Grace Schmid

Bringing years of leadership experience with her, AjPHA’s newest president Mannetta McAvaddy is giving AjPHA members new opportunities through her presidential project “Leg Up Into Leadership.” With her eyes set on increasing AjPHA membership and involvement worldwide, Mannetta’s presidency promises a new age for AjPHA.

Learn more about Mannetta and her presidential project in the September/October 2019 issue of the Paint Horse Journal. Not a subscriber? Open up the digital preview of the Journal—Inside Look—to meet Mannetta!

In this month’s Inside Look you’ll find…

  • One FREE article: Meet AjPHA President Mannetta McAvaddy
  • Six tips for crafting your Paint Horse’s perfect feeding program
  • An interview with Angela Finegan, owner and founder of Finegan Paint Horses LLC
  • Candid photos from the APHA Youth World Championship Show and the Oceania Paint Horse Championship
  • The 2019 APHA World Championship Show preview with beautiful advertisements, the World Show schedule and more
  • Stallion Alley and classified ads for all your equine needs

Then, pick up your print copy of the September/October Journal to find…


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