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Mars Pet Care joins the APHA Corporate Partner team

APHA is pleased to welcome Mars Pet Care as its newest corporate partner for 2018 and APHA’s Official Pet Foods and Treats Sponsor; their top brands—Greenies™, Nutro™ and Pedigree®—are also designated sponsors of APHA events. These brands hold true to the principles set by Mars Pet Care and endeavor to make millions of pets’ lives better by providing quality nutrition and health care.

Greenies Dental Treats™ work to keep your dogs’ and cats’ teeth clean while also giving them the benefit of a tasty treat. The dental treats and chews scrape the surface of the tooth and “brush” away the plaque and tartar that could lead to more serious health issues if left to accumulate. Greenies™ are made with easy-to-digest, natural ingredients and have a chewy texture that help clean your pet’s teeth, maintain healthy gums and freshen breath.

Nutro™ dog food has a straightforward philosophy: feed clean. That means providing dogs with food that give them everything they need—and nothing they don’t. Nutro™ creates recipes based on this philosophy and looks for ingredients that are as close to their native form as possible (simple); nutrient-rich to serve a precise purpose (purposeful); and rigorously tested for quality and safety (trustworthy). With their Feed Clean dogma, Nutro™ aims to keep your dogs happy, energetic, looking good and full of life.

The Pedigree® brand believes that the lovable innocence found in every dog helps us reconnect with our true selves and teaches us valuable lessons. Simply put, dogs make us better people, and that has a profound impact on the world in which we live. For this reason, it’s imperative that they feed the good in every dog to bring out the good in them. Pedigree® offers dry and wet dog food as well as treats that fortify each dog to be their healthy, happy selves at every stage: puppy, adult and senior.

Based in Brussels, Belgium, Mars Pet Care is a global leader in pet care and aims to put pets’ needs first. The company delivers a variety of products and services to meet each pet’s nutrition and healthcare needs, no matter their breed, life stage or health conditions.

Mars Pet Care firmly believes in leading pet health and nutrition, promoting responsible pet ownership and supporting sustainability. To meet these goals, they invest their resources into cutting-edge advances in pet nutrition as well as giving back to animals through community outreach and pet-friendly workplaces.

As a corporate partner, Mars Pet Care and its three designated brands will work to support and promote APHA members at the AjPHA Youth World Championship Show and the APHA Open/Amateur World Championship Show, all while helping them take care of their beloved pets.

Deidra Stamper Pitts, the sales and operations planning manager for Mars Pet Specialty Brands, says it best.

“Mars Pet Care, including our Greenies™, Nutro™ and Pedigree® brands, works hard each day to make ‘A Better World for Pets™.’ We are proud to support the American Paint Horse Association, an organization dedicated to raising awareness of the rich history of the breed and one that deeply understands the many ways animals enrich our lives.”

APHA’s Director of Business Development Kurt Crawford expresses APHA’s delight as well.

“We are very excited with the addition for Mars Pet Care to our group of Corporate Partners,” he said. “Mars Pet Care has many different products that will benefit all your animals, with the partnership focusing on Greenies™, Nutro™ and Pedigree® as their core brands for APHA members.  Mars Pet Care provides products for all our members’ furry friends, and we are thrilled to have them onboard.”

To learn more about Greenies™, visit greenies.com.

To learn more about Nutro™, visit nutro.com.

To learn more about Pedigree®, visit pedigree.com.

To learn more about Mars Pet Care, visit mars.com.



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