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Marked for Greatness Properties to help broaden APHA’s Western lifestyle reach

Former APHA Director of Marketing Steven Hayes is now leading Marked for Greatness Properties, a for-profit subsidiary of the American Paint Horse Association, taking the world’s second-largest equine breed association closer to widening its opportunities in the Western lifestyle market.

MFG Properties will include PH Barn Door, Cowgirl Gathering, the Red Steagall Cowboy Gathering and future Western lifestyle event opportunities. These and similar events will help fortify APHA’s collection of Western lifestyle development, exposing a wider audience to the Paint Horse and stock horse competition.

“Steven is multi-talented and brings experience from the feed, roping, cutting and horse-show worlds to this new venture for APHA,” APHA Executive Director Billy Smith said.

As chief executive officer, Steven will steer the for-profit organization toward greater revenue potential. Most of the profits from MFG Properties will return to APHA in the form of an annual dividend.

“The subsidiary approach helps APHA keep its not-for-profit status, which is critical to our future,” Billy said. “At the same time, it lets us take advantage of the myriad of opportunities afforded to APHA in the Fort Worth Stockyards historical district.”

Steven has experience in other for-profit and not-for-profit organizations that range from a feed company to stints at the United States Team Roping Championship and the National Cutting Horse Association. He’s a graduate of Tarleton State University.


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