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Leasing policy changes scheduled for 2017

Leasing a new horse can bring all sorts of joys: new challenges, opportunities, friendships and more. If you’re leasing for APHA competition, don’t forget to complete a 2017 show lease form! Find all the necessary paperwork here.

Leasing also means that you’ll need to keep up on a few additional rules and policies. Get in the know before you head out and show! Leasing permitted via rules AM-020 and YP-015. Read the Official APHA Rule Book online.

New for 2017:

  • The Youth Scholarship eligibility deadline is now May 15, coinciding with the Youth World Show’s pre-entry deadline. This means your horse must be leased by this date in order to be eligible for big scholarship payouts at the AjPHA Youth World Show.
  • Horses bought or leased to show at the Youth World Show may not be shown at the same year’s APHA Open/Amateur World Championship Show by the immediate previous owner/lessor or relatives of the previous owner/lessor.
    • For example: Bob sells/leases his horse to Sally. Sally shows at the Youth World Show. Sally sells the horse back to Bob or terminates the lease. Bob cannot show the horse at the APHA World Show in the same year.

Below is verbiage from the Executive Committee meeting on October 6; find minutes from all Executive Committee meetings here.

Motion #7: Casey West moved and Craig Wood seconded to approve the revised policy regarding transfers/leases as it relates to AjPHA Youth World Show eligibility as shown below. They also approved adjusting the Youth scholarship deadline to be consistent with the transfer/lease deadline beginning in 2017.  Motion passed.

Horses to be shown in the Youth World Show must be transferred or leased by the pre-entry deadline of the Youth World Show.  However, any horse shown at the Youth World Show will not be eligible to show at the Open/Amateur World Show (in the same year) by the immediate previous owner/lessor or relative of the previous owner/lessor as described in AM.020.A and YP.015A. 

Questions? Contact showing@apha.com for help completing your 2017 show lease form.


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