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Leading Owner/Breeder/Exhibitor Award added for 2022 APHA World Show & Halter Million events

Exhibitors who own, bred and show their Paints at the 2022 APHA World Championship Show and 2022 APHA/WCHA Halter Million will be recognized with a new award. The Leading Owner/Breeder/Exhibitor Award will recognize the top individual whose horses earn the most points in world championship classes.

This award will be presented to the exhibitor who is also their horse(s) current recorded owner and breeder, or a member of the owner/breeder’s immediate family (based on APHA records and rules in AM-020). A point tally based on the horse(s) Top 10 placings in all world championship classes will determine the winner.

  • Exhibitor must also be the horse’s current recorded owner and breeder, or an immediate family member based on AM-020 rules.
    • See the award details in the premium books for more specifics on these requirements.
  • All Youth, Amateur and Open world championship classes count toward the tally.
  • Challenge, Sweepstake, Futurity, Stakes and other non-world championship classes do not count toward the tally.
  • Exhibitors must declare their eligibility for this award by the award entry deadline (see premium books for specific dates).

Full details are in the APHA World Championship Show and APHA/WCHA Halter Million premium books.

The APHA World Show features more than $1.35 million in cash and prizes, and the APHA/WCHA Halter Million offers more than $1 million in cash to exhibitors.

APHA World Championship Show (June 24-July 10, Fort Worth, Texas): apha.com/worldshow/

APHA/WCHA Halter Million (September 24-October 2): apha.com/haltermillion


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