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Kimes Ranch signs on as APHA’s newest corporate partner

Kimes Ranch is bringing the horse world’s favorite jeans closer to APHA members as the association’s newest corporate partner. Now the “Official Jeans of APHA,” Kimes Ranch decided to recognize APHA members’ loyalty to their brand through an APHA corporate partnership.

Since the beginning, Matt and Amanda Kimes have poured their devotion to the Western way of life into the jeans they create. Every step of the Kimes Ranch production process is tailored to create a superior fit and classic style in each pair of ultra-comfortable, fashion-forward jeans. The end results are jeans that fit seamlessly into both Western fashion and everyday wear.

Kimes Ranch has previously partnered with APHA through events like The Cowgirl Gathering. Through their new corporate partnership, Kimes Ranch will expand their involvement with The Cowgirl Gathering and other APHA events.

“APHA has always felt like family to us at Kimes Ranch, and we are thrilled to be a part of their organization in an even greater capacity through this sponsorship,” Kimes Ranch Co-Founder and Vice President Amanda Kimes said. “The team APHA has built is top-notch and does everything with integrity and the highest quality. We have enjoyed many years of partnering with them in events such as The Cowgirl Gathering, and this venture is just another step in our journey together.”

APHA Director of Business Development Kurt Crawford agrees.

“I have been fortunate to know Matt and Amanda Kimes, and we have worked together on many different projects over the years. Theirs is an interesting story in starting Kimes Ranch and having worked hard to establish a great product in the equine industry. We are very pleased to have Kimes Ranch join us as our newest APHA corporate partner.”

For more information on Kimes Ranch, visit kimesranch.com.


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