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Is your reiner by one of these stallions? Don’t miss out on $40,000+

These flashy reining stallions are known for turning heads and taking titles, but did you know they’re also registered Paints? Whether colorfully marked themselves or not, their APHA registration and bloodlines mean they’ve passed on their genetics and Paint eligibility to all of their offspring out of APHA- and AQHA-registered mares. Is your horse’s sire on this list?

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ARC Gunnamarkya Gunners Indian Pale Face Dunnit
Big Chex To Cash Gunners Special Nite Smart And Shiney
Chics Loaded Gun Gunners Tinseltown Smoking Whiz
Colonels Lil Gun Gunnin For Chicks Snipers Smoking Gun
Colonels Lone Gun Gunnysbigenterprise Spooks Gotta Gun
Colonels Shining Gun Guns R For Shootin Spooks Gotta Run
Colonels Smoken Chex Hesa Loaded Gun Spooks Gotta Whiz
Colonels Smoking Gun HF Mobster The Rey Gun
Colonelsmokingpep Hollywood Cool Gun Tinker With Guns
Dun It Gotta Gun Im Gunna Shine Trashadeous
Gun Olena Colonel Inferno Sixty Six Tricked Out Spook
Gunnatrashya My Royal Gun Wimpys Snow Gun
Gunner On Ice One Gun *And more! Not a comprehensive list of double-registered stallions

There are thousands of reasons (and $$) to register your Paint-eligible horse:

  • Increased options for you—compete wherever you want! Registering your APHA-eligible horse opens up a host of new opportunities. Ride for points and prizes at APHA-approved shows, run for Paint-exclusive buckles at select NRHA events across the country, and slide for cash ($40,000) and glory at the APHA World Championship Show.
  • Value-added—Those same opportunities are enticing to potential buyers, too. Completing the registration process now is a simple way to add value to your sale price and attract customers from multiple breed associations.
  • The payoff continues for mares & stallions—Once your horse is registered with APHA, all offspring—even those from a Quarter Horse-cross—are also eligible for Paint papers and APHA opportunities. Registering your breeding horse now makes registering future offspring easier, faster and more affordable. Waiting until the baby is born to register its parents can mean twice the work during the already busy breeding season.
  • Did we mention $40,000? That’s the payout total in the four Open and Non-Pro challenge classes for 3-, 4-, 5-, & 6-year-olds at the APHA World Championship Show. Even better? These non-world-championship classes don’t require qualifying and are open to both Solid Paint-Bred and Regular Registry Paints!

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 Plus, it’s easy and affordable
You already did the legwork to collect signatures for your AQHA papers, so the APHA registration process is nice and straightforward—no, you don’t have to track down the breeder again. You’ll just need:

  • A completed APHA registration application (minus those pesky signatures)
  • A copy of your horse’s AQHA papers
  • Photos of all four sides of your horse; if he has minimal white markings, you’ll want to include high-quality close-ups of these too, with and without a ruler.
  • Payment
    • Depending on what’s already on file for your horse, fees to complete the registration can vary, but the average cost is about $200. Drop your information in the form below to get a custom quote from our MemberCare Registration Experts.
  • Older horse? No problem, and low cost! Registration fees for yearlings and older start at only $115.
  • Plus, we’re here to help! Our MemberCare experts are dedicated to making your registration experience as easy and clear as possible. Reach out via email or Facebook message for fast online assistance.

Solids are welcome, too!
Is your reiner lacking even a speck of white, despite having a flashy sire? That’s OK! He or she still carries Paint bloodlines, and could possibly still produce a vividly marked foal! Plus, solid Paint-breds are eligible to compete for the Paint-exclusive buckles at NRHA events and the $40,000 of World Show challenge payouts.

Opportunities go beyond the reining pen
Reining-bred horses also make punchy partners for ranch horse classes! APHA is dedicated to fostering the growth of this exciting new competition segment, and our class offerings grow every year. APHA ranch classes include ranch riding, ranch pleasure, ranch trail, ranch reining and ranch cow work, and rules align with SHOT and ASHA competition. Compete for APHA points, year-end prizes, world championships and jackpots while having fun on your ranchy reiner!

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