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Horseware Ireland joins APHA as 2017 World Show Sponsor

APHA is pleased to welcome Horseware Ireland as a 2017 World Show Sponsor. This year, Horseware Ireland seeks to benefit APHA members with awards both at the Open/Amateur World Championship Show and the APHA year-end awards programs. APHA is also proud to announce Horseware Ireland as a Paint Horse Journal Pro Team Supporting Sponsor.

Founded in Dundalk, Ireland, in 1985, Horseware Ireland has been setting the standard in the modern blanket design world and has become one of the most trusted producers of horse blankets. Tom and Carol MacGuinness developed Horseware Ireland with the purpose of creating a blanket that didn’t leak, didn’t make the horse sweat and didn’t slip. This culminated in the invention of the first fully waterproof and breathable turnout blanket for horse owners.

Today, Horseware Ireland has evolved into a truly global company and has locations in North Carolina, China, Cambodia and Dundalk. Even with their remarkable growth, Horseware Ireland remains true to their mission: maintaining the same attention to detail and high-quality material that they did more than 30 years ago. Through rigorous testing, Horseware Ireland works to ensure that all of their products are of the highest quality for all of their customers. They produce products for humans, pets and horses, so they’ve got what their customers need to be fully outfitted.

“Horseware is delighted to once again be partnering with the APHA for the 2017 season. We are constantly striving to produce the best we can and we never stop evolving, seeking out untrodden paths, pushing boundaries and finding new challenges. We believe that ‘because we create, we innovate’ and through innovation aim to make a tangible difference to the lives of everyone, their horses, and their pets,” said Caroline Boese, marketing assistant for Horseware Products Ltd. “We see our partnership with APHA as an important and beneficial part of our continued success, and we are excited to see where this year will take us.”

APHA Director of Youth and Awards Christine Henry shares the excitement.

“We are so thrilled to have Horseware Ireland join us for our 2017 season,” she said.“Our members appreciate the devotion Horseware Ireland takes to producing the best possible products, and they are in love. We are looking forward to a wonderful year with Horseware Ireland.”

To learn more about Horseware Ireland, visit horseware.com.


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