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Help fund Youth futures and memorialize loved ones with APHF donations

Since the inception of the first all-scholarship AjPHA Youth World Championship Show in 2015, the American Paint Horse Foundation has helped resolve the tough choice many families in the Paint Horse community face: horses or college?

Each year, the $120,000 in scholarships awarded at the Youth World Show help families choose both–the valuable career skills of college or trade schools and the immeasurable character development fostered by horses and competition. To date, more than 350 Youth ages 5 to 18 have earned more than $500,000 toward their education goals.

The impact of these scholarships lasts forever, and the APHF wants to ensure the scholarship program will, too. The foundation’s $3 million Youth World Scholarship Endowment will mean funds for these life-changing scholarships will be around for generations to come.

Helping the APHF’s big scholarship goal can also help you celebrate a loved one in an enduring and meaningful way—by endowing an individual Youth World Show class in their name!

Each World Show class awards $1,300 annually, distributed to the top three places and one random-draw recipient; a gift of $35,000 endows an individual class forever, with the name of a favorite horse, your ranch or a loved one proudly honored in perpetuity.

Ready to give the gift of bright futures? Contact APHF Director Laura Jesberg today!

Smaller gifts are also welcome and celebrated as the entire Paint Horse community makes strides toward APHF’s $3 million endowment goal. Give a gift online, just in time to wrap-up your 2017 tax write-offs!


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About APHA

The American Paint Horse Association is the world’s second-largest equine breed association, registering more than a million horses in 59 nations and territories since it was founded in 1962. Its mission is to inspire, nurture, promote and provide meaningful experiences to generations interested in preserving the versatile Paint Horse.