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Four new performance rules in effect April 1, 2019

Four rules passed by the APHA Board of Directors at the 2019 APHA Convention on March 1-3 included provisions for early implementation—so while most of the passed rules go into effect with the 2020 APHA Rule Book, the four performance rules noted below are effective as of April 1, 2019.

The early-implementation rules revises point eligibility levels for “green” classes, clarifies judging for ranch classes, and create a few new APHA-approved classes—Ranch Cutting (in all divisions), Amateur Color Class, Amateur Overo Color Class and Amateur Tobiano Color Class.

The following four rules are effective as of April 1, 2019:

  • SC-206 – changes green class point eligibility from 10 points to 25 points. [Related rules:  SC-246, SC-251, SC-256 and SC-261]
  • SC-301 – adds Ranch Cutting as an approved APHA class in all divisions
  • SC-301-3 – adds verbiage to all ranch horse classes that clarifies how those classes should be judged
  • AM-176 – adds Amateur Color Class, Amateur Overo Color Class and Amateur Tobiano Color Class as approved APHA classes


Read the full context of the early implemented rules here. The early implementation date of April 1 was determined and approved by APHA staff, and the rule information will be added to the 2019 APHA Rule Book available online. Please note that the language in red letters within the rules indicate the clarifications and amendments made and approved by the Board of Directors.

Questions? Contact APHA Director of Shows Amanda Cormack.



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