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EuroPaint sets the stage for a special Israeli Paint Horse experience

Thanks to the paring of the AjPHA Youth World Games and the European Paint Horse Championships, seven horsemen and –women from Israel are taking an innovative approach to exploring the Paint Horse community. In addition to participating in the Youth World Games, six Israeli Youth and Amateur exhibitors are testing the waters of APHA competition with the help of borrowed European Paint Horses, competing in EuroPaint classes ranging from yearling halter to horsemanship.

EuroIsrael 2Ruti Shadmot of Moshau Faran, Israel, organized the country’s inaugural Youth World Games team. She first discovered AjPHA’s Youth World Games in 2014 while visiting APHA member, judge and trainer Jeannie Young of Argyle, Texas.

“Jeannie was hosting the Australian team that year, and she took us to see the Youth World Games while it was in Fort Worth,” Ruti said. “I loved the idea, and I decided we would bring an Israel team for the next games.”

With the event’s 2016 shift to Kreuth, Germany, opportunities expanded.

“In the Youth World Games, the kids only ride one horse in one class, so I asked if it was possible to borrow horses for the European championships,” Ruti said. “APHA’s Christine Henry and Irene Stamatelakys said it was possible, and Irene helped me find some horses for riders to use. This way, we get to enjoy both worlds.”

Youth riders Ella Achdut, Arielle Hakikat, Michal Rakowisky, Iris Schwartz and Tamar Sobol and Amateur exhibitor Nadav Golan paired with European Paints JH Ultimate Game, FSF The Zipmotist, Docs Flaming Frost, SQ Spice Girl Lucy, Clues Lucky Belle, Zippos Red Pepper, White Man Review, Noticed Painted Zippo, Georgia Sweetnsacred and Simply Sacredbabydoll to experience their first APHA competition.

“We’re very excited, but a little nervous,” Iris said. “My classes have gone well, though.”

Israel’s Youth riders will also compete in the Youth World Games on September 1. Thanks to weeklong Youth activities, Tamar says the team has enjoyed meeting peers from across the globe.

EuroIsrael 3“It’s been so cool to meet all the teams and participate in the scavenger hunt,” she said. “This show is a beautiful place, these are wonderful horses and we’ve met great people.”

Iris agrees.

“Ruti says the friends we make here are friends for life,” she said. “I hope that’s true.”

Igniting Excitement

Israel’s current APHA family is small—the country is home to just eight members—but Ruti is confident in the potential of the Paint Horse. With the help of dedicated volunteers like Nadav Golan, Ruti is working to gather Israel’s Paint owners and grow the community.

“Soon, I’m going to call a general meeting of Israel’s members and work toward affiliating a club,” Ruti said. “People think Paints are beautiful—they call them ‘Indian horses,’ but Paints don’t have their own stage in Israel; at horse shows, it’s all blacks and browns with just a few Paints. If we get a Paint show started and owners have their own stage, I think it’s going to make them very proud.”

Special thanks to:

JH Ultimate Game, owned by Stefan Schrievers of Germany

FSF The Zipmotist owned by Silke Hann of Germany

Docs Flaming Frost owned by Ango Winants of The Netherlands

SQ Spice Girl Lucy owned by Monika Hagen of Germany

Clues Lucky Belle owned by Angelika Gallitzendoerfer of Germany

Zippos Red Pepper owned by Dorina Berger of Germany

White Man Review owned by Viktoria Fischer of Germany

Noticed Painted Zippo owned by Angelika Gallitzendoerfer of Germany

Georgia Sweetnsacred owned by Julie and Vincent Tartartin of France

Simply Sacredbabydoll owned by Julie and Vincent Tartartin of France



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