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Cozy up to the Winter 2018 Chrome

Paint Horse lovers know how to get their hands dirty and work hard, but they also know how to spruce up and stand out in a crowd—kind of like those flashy horses they ride. Nobody proves this better than the APHA members-turned-models who grace the pages of Chrome’s annual winter fashion issue to showcase the Western world’s latest in function and fashion.

Meet our two Chrome model search winners—covergirl Misty McNamara and cowboy Kenny Strohecker—in this online exclusive. 

This gorgeous issue is so much more than its looks, though—settle in and open its pages, and you’ll be captivated by the inspiring stories, thrilling adventures and useful instructionals, all tied together by one common denominator: a love of flashy Paints and the lifestyle they bring. These stories include:

  • Chrome’s annual Winter fashion feature, which puts real APHA members-turned-models in the spotlight
  • Christopher Strong’s impressive balancing act—juggling both city hustle and rural relaxation to build a life he loves
  • Winter’s wildest sport—skijoring—and the Paints that are charging to the top

In this issue, you’ll also read about:

  • The heart-pounding excitement of Sombrero Ranch’s Great American Horse Drive
  • How to teach your horse to lead with ease
  • How to nip common puppy problems in the bud
  • How to use at-home massage techniques to strengthen your relationship with your Paint
  • The hilarious antics of Whiskey Ranch-Horse and his bumbling equine friends

You’ll find all this and MORE is in the Winter 2018 issue of Chrome. Check out the Chrome website for previews of each article and some extra-special web exclusives.

All current APHA members receive access to Chrome, a magazine celebrating the Western lifestyle and APHA members as unique as the Paint Horses we love—join or renew your membership today so you can take advantage of this fantastic member benefit. APHA members in North America receive a complimentary printed issue of Chrome; all members worldwide with email addresses on file receive a digital copy.


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