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Congratulations to APHA’s 2016 No. 1 Paints and exhibitors

The journey to the top is long, and no two individuals take the same path to success. Inside the pages of the April 2017 issue of the Paint Horse Journal, the top APHA exhibitors of the 2016 show season share their journeys and challenges from a whirlwind year. Be on the lookout for the April issue, arriving in mailboxes soon, and take a preview peek online in the PHJ’s Inside Look.

Congratulations to the following teams:

No. 1 Youth 13 & Under—Lauren Gralla & A Sudden Legacy
Lauren’s connection with “Cheeks” has made the duo a seemingly unstoppable team.

No. 1 Youth 14–18—Taylor Burgess & R L Talk About Sudden
Taylor’s dreams all came true, thanks to an incredible partnership with “Bugsy”

No 1. Youth Solid Paint-Bred—Alison Daniels & Sweet N Fantastic
From 4-H project to APHA champs, Alison and “Veronica” have done it all together.

Youth Rookie of the Year—Makayla Blauwkamp & Ton Of Trouble
Triplet Makayla Blauwkamp followed in her sister’s footsteps to win the Youth Rookie of the Year title with “Dexter;” it’s the second consecutive Youth Rookie title for the Blauwkamps.

No. 1 Classic Amateur—Kylee John & Krymsunized
Kylee John’s perfect partner was just a YouTube video play away.

No. 1 Masters Amateur—Karen Pumphrey & Gotta Hot Invite and Coleen Bull & Timeless Assets 
Coleen and “Tucson” and Karen and “Scooter” took very different routes to the same pinnacle goal.

No. 1 Novice Amateur & Amateur Rookie of the Year—Sydni Childers & All About Timing
“Phoenix’s” time on Earth was short, but she made a lifetime of memories with Sydni in the saddle.

No. 1 Amateur Walk-Trot—Sabrina Seehafer & All That I Got
When her own partner was sidelined with injuries, Sabrina borrowed her sister’s horse “Fergie” and had a unicorn year.

No. 1 Open Horse—Theultimate Advantage
Lauren Bork and “Guinness” made fun a priority during their 2016 show season.

No. 1 Amateur & Open Solid Paint-Bred—Kristy Doyle & O Where Is My Spot
Kristy and “Jasmine” swept two top titles in the Solid Paint-Bred division, all while introducing a new friend to Paints.

No. 1 Show—Zone 12 European Championships, Kreuth, Germany
After years at No. 2, APHA’s largest international Paint Horse show takes the spotlight as the biggest show in 2016. Read the full list here.


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