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Colorful mysteries uncovered in the Jan/Feb 2020 Paint Horse Journal

A colorful mystery—flashy, obviously marked Paints whose DNA tests showed no markers—yielded an exciting discovery for the APHA community. Splashed White 5 was discovered in 2019 (followed by the discovery of Splashed White 6 recently in 2020), bringing more understanding of our colorful breed to light.

Learn more about this exciting discovery—and how you can test your own Paint for SW5—inside the January/February 2020 Paint Horse Journal! Not a subscriber? Take a peek online (and get this full story for FREE) via the digital Inside Look preview.

Read “Inside Look” now

In this month’s Inside Look, you’ll find…

  • One FREE article: learn more about the 2019 discovery of Splashed White 5 and what it means for Paint Horse lovers
  • APHA Executive Director Billy Smith’s Fresh Paint column about APHA’s new headquarters in the Fort Worth Stockyards
  • ALL our colorful advertisers (Breeders: this issue is STUFFED with stallions for your mares!)
  • Stallion Alley and Classified ads for all your equine needs

Then, pick up your print copy of the Journal to find…

  • Full coverage of the inaugural APHA Western National Championships, including class winners
  • Tips for cultivating better breeding-business relationships as a stallion or mare owner
  • How one Paint transformed from slowpoke to pro-rodeo rockstar
  • How A Scenic Impulse took the Western pleasure world by storm and influenced a horseman’s career
  • Need-to-know tips for when you wonder “Why didn’t my horse place better in performance halter?”
  • Ways Finally Farm Paints has made a huge impact on the performance horse world with their small-scale breeding operation
  • And so much more! Purchase, renew or extend your Journal subscription today! 
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