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New collegiate judging award debuts at 2018 APHA World Championship Judging Contest

By Desiree Heath & Paige Arehart

A new “Triple Crown” is in town, and it’s reserved for hardworking collegiate horse judging teams who prove they’re the best of the best.

APHA, the American Quarter Horse Association and the All American Quarter Horse Congress are teaming up to present a three-tiered Horse Judging Team award, designed to honor junior and senior collegiate horse judging teams that win first place at the three “jewels” of horse judging—the APHA World Championship Show, the All American Quarter Horse Congress, and the Lucas Oil AQHA World Championship Show collegiate horse judging contests—in a single year. Earning a win at any of these contests is a great accomplishment, but taking home the championship at all three contests is an outstanding feat of judging prowess that APHA and AQHA want to reward.

Along with recognition, the award includes scholarship prizes to the senior and/or junior collegiate teams that capture all three titles. The winning team will be presented their award following the Lucas Oil AQHA World Championship Show contest.

Each event will contribute $500 per year toward the award. If both a junior and a senior collegiate team each sweep all three contests in the same year, the money in the pot will be split evenly between the winning teams. If a junior or senior team wins all three contests in their division, but there isn’t a corresponding team winner in the other division, the winning team will be awarded half of the available scholarship money. If no team wins the title in a given year, the money continues to accumulate until a team claims victory.

Make plans to enter the APHA World Championship Judging Contest, sponsored by HorseIQ

Collegiate and youth judges nationwide are invited to test their knowledge September 20 at the APHA World Championship Judging Contest, sponsored by HorseIQ. The contest takes place in conjunction with the 2018 APHA Open/Amateur World Championship Show (September 19–30) at the Will Rogers Memorial Center in Fort Worth, Texas.

The contest features both collegiate (junior and senior) and youth (18 & under) divisions, with both team and individual awards presented in halter, performance, reasons and overall. First-place overall teams in the youth and collegiate divisions win Gist Silversmith trophy buckles.

The judging contest begins at 9 a.m. in the Watt Arena, and a boxed lunch will be provided by APHA. The awards ceremony will immediately follow the conclusion of the contest.

The 2018 APHA World Championship Judging Contest entry deadline is August 15, and the entry fee is $35 per contestant. All entries received after August 15 (postmark) will incur a $5 late fee per contestant.

For more information on team eligibility, contest rules and how to enter, visit apha.com/oawcs/judgingcontest.


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