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Chrome & Paint Horse Journal claim two 2023 APEX Awards of Excellence

A pair of 2023 APEX Awards of Excellence were awarded to the Paint Horse Journal and Chrome magazines, APHA’s flagship publications.

  • Feature Writing: “The Concrete Cure,” written by Jessica Hein, Fall 2022 Chrome
  • Magazines, Journals & Tabloids – Print (entire issue over 32 pages): Paint Horse Journal (Jessica Hein, editor; Jody Johnson, creative director)

The APEX Awards for Publication Excellence is presented by Communications Concepts and open to the entire media industry. Contemporaries in this contest include the National Football League, Ford Motor Company, AARP The Magazine and more. The contest featured more than 1,100 entries this year. To our knowledge, APHA had the only equine-focused magazines honored with awards.

Paint Horse Journal and Chrome magazines are produced by the American Paint Horse Association and are provided free to APHA members. Chrome is also the official magazine of Mule Alley in the Fort Worth Stockyards. Never miss an issue—join APHA or renew your membership today at apha.com/join.


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