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Chrome named best overall publication by American Horse Publications

Year after year, the American Paint Horse Association’s family of publications delivers top-notch, engaging stories right to the door of Paint Horse lovers across the world. But we’re not all hat and no cattle—experts agree our publications are outstanding, and the Paint Horse Journaland Chrome were honored for excellence in equine publishing June 19 at the American Horse Publications Annual Awards Contest in Orlando, Florida.

This year’s contest drew more than 770 entries from 98 AHP members. When the dust settled,Chrome  was the shining star, claiming both the General Excellence Association Publication award as well as the title of Best Overall Publication.

“What a delight to look at! What a joy to read,” one judge noted. “Members can have only one regret about their publication—it comes out only quarterly. But every editor should study how Chrometells the stories of its members and other Paint Horse enthusiasts and celebrates the Western lifestyle. Chrome sets out to be ‘an engaging, informative and visually stunning product.’ It is that and more.”

APHA’s publications also earned eight other first-place awards, along with other honors. Full results from the contest, which was for materials published in 2015, are as follows:


First Place

  • Overall Publication: Chrome
  • General Excellence Association Publication circulation over 15,000: Chrome
  • Editorial Design: “Going Down the Fence,” Chrome Winter 2015, designed by Brian Rawlings
  • Equine-related Publishing Media Digital Edition: Chrome, designed by Brock Springer
  • Equine-Related Publishing Media Website: mychromelife.com, designed by Brock Springer
  • Equine-Related Publishing Media eNewsletter: Chrome, designed by Brock Springer
  • Publication Cover Page: “Pure Joy,” Fall 2015 Chrome by Jessica Hein and Art Vasquez
  • Editorial Human-Animal Bond Photograph: “First Kiss,” Fall 2015 Chrome by Jessica Hein
  • Equine-Related Editorial Series: “Built to Win,” September through December 2015 Paint Horse Journal, written by Rachel Florman
  • Feature Single Article: “A Legend Among Horsemen,” August 2015 Paint Horse Journal, written by Jessica Hein 

Second Place

  • Editorial Design: “Crafting Spirits,” Fall 2015 Chrome, designed by Art Vasquez and written by Jessica Hein
  • Service to the Horse Industry Single Article: “Perfectly Framed,” March 2015 Paint Horse Journal, written by Irene Stamatelakys
  • Publication Staff Single Advertisement: “American Paint Horse Foundation Scholarships,” Paint Horse Journal, designed by Jody Johnson
  • Publication Cover Page: “Frame of Mind,” March 2015 Paint Horse Journal, designed by Art Vasquez and photographed by Jennifer Waltrous

Third Place

  • Horse Care Single Article: “More than Skin Deep,” June 2015 Paint Horse Journal, written by Allison Armstrong Rehnborg
  • Editorial Action Photograph: “Let the Dirt Fly,” December 2015 Paint Horse Journal cover, photograph by Jessica Hein
  • Editorial Design: “Fort Worth-y of Fun,” June 2015 Paint Horse Journal, designed by Kelly Wise 

Honorable Mention

  • Editorial Design: “Warrior Spirit,” Spring 2015 Chrome, designed by Brian Rawlings
  • Equine-Related Animal Bond Article: “Tales of Easter Past,” Fall 2015 Chrome, by Sandra Mantooth
  • Equine-Related Brand Marketing Video or DVD: “Behind the Scenes,” Chrome Fashion Shoot, by Lee Clowers
  • Personal Single Column: “Trail to Enlightenment,” Spring 2015 Chrome, by Johi Kokjohn-Wagner
  • Feature Single Article: “Well-Oiled,” Winter 2015 Chrome, by Jessica Hein 
  • Editorial Design: “Warm Up to Workout,” November 2015 Paint Horse Journal, photographed by Jessica Hein and designed by Kelly Wise

If you’re not reading APHA’s award-winning magazines, you’re missing out on great content every month. Chrome, APHA’s premier Western lifestyle publication that celebrates our members, is distributed quarterly to all current APHA members, either in print or digital format—check out the latest issue online and watch for the next issue hitting mailboxes in mid-August. Join, renew or extend your membership to make sure you get access to this award-winning member benefit.

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