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Chrome Cash makes its European debut at Equita Lyon Western Horse Show

APHA is proud to extend to our European members the rewards that come with Chrome Cash at Equita Lyon Western Horse Show. The horse fair will host the 2021 NRHA European Derby along with a full slate of reining classes October 27-31 in Lyon, France.

Chrome Cash will pay out €10.000 in added prize money exclusively to registered Paint Horses in four classes, thanks to these generous sponsors:

  • €3.250 APHA Open Chrome Cash Incentive
    Presented by Arcese Quarter Horses & Gunnatrasha
  • €3.250 APHA Amateur Chrome Cash Incentive
    Presented by Phantom Face Dunnit
  • €1.750 APHA Derby Open Level 4 Chrome Cash Incentive
    Presented by APHA & Volker Schmitt Reining Horses
  • €1.750 APHA Derby Non-Pro Level 4 Chrome Cash Incentive
    Presented by APHA & Jinetes Del Cielo

What is Chrome Cash?
Chrome Cash is an innovative incentive program for registered Paints offered as a class within a class at select NRHA, NCHA, NRCHA, ACHA, WCHA and APHA events.

How do I enter?
Entering the Chrome Cash classes at Equita Lyon is easy! Just follow the steps below. Chrome Cash classes can be added up until the day before the show.

  • Step 1: Fill out the online entry form here.
  • Step 2: Check the box for the Chrome Cash class(es) of your choice.
  • Step 3: Pay the entry fee of €50/class.
  • Step 4: Include a copy of horse’s APHA certificate with your entry.

Chrome Cash Rules:

  • Horse must be registered with APHA. Both Regular Registry and Solid Paint-Bred Registry horses are eligible.
  • Owner and exhibitor must both be current APHA members in good standing.
  • Chrome Cash class must be entered per each event’s rules. Must complete entry form, pay fees and submit a copy of APHA registration papers to qualify.
  • Only shows designated with Chrome Cash sponsors will have added money.
  • Chrome Cash is a class within a class and no working finals.

Not registered with APHA? It’s not too late! Check out these APHA Registration FAQs and contact us today to get the ball rolling:

  • My horse is already AQHA-registered. Can it also be APHA-registered?
    AQHA horses that meet APHA registration rules can be double-registered with APHA and AQHA. Being double-registered may increase your horse’s value while opening opportunities to compete at more events.
  • My horse’s sire and dam are Quarter Horses so how can my horse be a Paint?
    Even if both parents are AQHA-registered, if your horse meets requirements for white markings, he/she can be registered with APHA.
  • I have a broodmare/stallion that is registered with APHA based on white markings; what if the foals don’t have white markings?
    All foals by/out of APHA-registered stock (with the other parent being APHA, AQHA or Thoroughbred) can be registered with APHA regardless of white markings.
  • My horse is APHA-registered but not AQHA-registered. Does my horse have to be double-registered to earn Chrome Cash?
    No, your horse does not have to be double-registered; it just has to be APHA-registered.

Visit APHA’s booth in the Western Hall at Equita Lyon for on-site memberships, transfers, duplicate certificates and more! Questions? Contact us!



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