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Celebrate the Youth World Games in the Paint Horse Journal’s Inside Look

The suspense, camaraderie and excitement of the AjPHA Youth World Games intensified in 2016 with a momentous move to Kreuth, Germany, and the European Paint Horse Championships. After a week of preparation and an intense morning of competition, Team USA walked away with the win. But the results from the arena are only a small part of the games’ greater story; discover the full scope of the event in “Game On,” this month’s FREE story inside the Paint Horse Journal’s digital Inside Look.

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In this month’s Inside Look you’ll find:

  • One FREE story: “Game On”
  • APHA Executive Director Billy Smith’s “Fresh Paint” column on the lasting industry effects of the game’s international move
  • All of our colorful advertisers, including talented chromed-out reiners, classified ads and stallion alley

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