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Breeders’ Trust stallion subscription fees made more affordable for 2017

APHA is making it more affordable than ever before to subscribe your stallion to the Breeders’ Trust with modified fees. The modifications were based on recommendations from the Long Range Planning Committee and approved as a program change by the Executive Committee at their October 2016 meeting.

Starting with the 2017 subscription year, stallion subscription fees are now due in two installments, with the total not to exceed the stallion’s highest advertised breeding fee for 2017.

  • First Installment—Initial Enrollment Fee
    • $150 for APHA stallions or $300 for Quarter Horse or Thoroughbred stallions
    • Due by January 31, 2017 (late fees will apply if postmark not met)
  • Second Installment—Based on mares listed on the stallion breeding report
    • $100 per mare on SBR for APHA stallions; $200 per mare on SBR for Quarter Horse or Thoroughbred stallions
    • Due by November 30, 2017 (late fees will apply if postmark not met)
    • Payment “caps” at the stallion’s highest advertised stud fee


APHA Stallion 1 has a stud fee of $1,500. His owner pays $150 on January 31. He breeds 20 mares, and his second installment payment is $1,350 (total fees capped at his $1,500 stud fee).

APHA Stallion 2 has a stud fee of $750. His owner pays $150 on January 31. He breeds three mares, and his second installment payment is $300.


If a stallion owner does not subscribe his stallion or defaults on the second payment of the subscription fee, one of the mare owners or resulting foal owners may request a waiver (signed by the stallion owner) that allows them to subscribe the stallion by paying the applicable fees or remaining fees without penalty through May 15 of the foaling year. After the applicable fees are paid, the person who paid the fees will be considered the stallion subscriber for that breeding year and will receive the subscriber’s portion of the Breeders’ Trust payout for all foals nominated from that breeding year.

Analysis of the 2015 Breeders’ Trust revenue by the Long Range Planning committee shows that, based on the new subscription guidelines, 33% of stallion owners will pay less and about 67% will pay the same as they do currently to participate in the Breeders’ Trust. Their goal is to attract more Breeders’ Trust subscribed stallions, thereby making more foals eligible for the Breeders’ Trust program, by nurturing, encouraging and supporting breeders.

For more information about the new Breeders’ Trust stallion subscription guidelines for 2017, contact Director of Breeders’ Trust Candy Jebavy at cjebavy@apha.com.


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