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Big bucks beckon with APHA Breeders’ Trust

As a breeder, how can you continue to cash in on your investment of time, effort and—yes—money long after a foal has left your capable hands? By enrolling him in APHA’s Breeders’ Trust program, of course!

Subscribing your stallion or nominating your mare’s foals is an easy way to continue your return on investment when it comes to breeding. Stallion subscribers net 20% from eligible foal earnings each year. Foal nominators earn 10% of eligible payouts each year for the lifetime of the foal!

Stallion subscriptions are done each breeding year, and it makes the stallion’s foals from that crop eligible for Breeders’ Trust nomination. New for 2017, the Breeders’ Trust subscription fees are paid in two installments, with applicable late fees:

  1. An initial flat fee
  2. A second installment based on the number of mares on the stallion breeding report

We already have more stallions subscribed to the Breeders’ Trust in 2017 than last year—check them out at www.aphaonline.org by clicking “Public Access” and “Breeders Trust.” It’s not too late to get your stallion subscribed for 2017! The AVERAGE payout for stallion subscribers in 2016 was $192; our Top 10 subscriber earners netted between $2,100 and $5,800 last year!

            Stallion Subscription Form 

Foal nominations are often done at the time of registration, but they’re accepted any time before an eligible horse earns an APHA show record. When a Breeders’ Trust nominated horse changes ownership, the new owner must re-enroll in the Breeders’ Trust to receive payouts. The AVERAGE payout for foal nominators in 2016 was $45; the Top 10 nominators last year earned between $600 and nearly $1,800.

Foal Nomination Form 
Re-Enrollment Form 

And let’s not forget about 70% of eligible point payouts going to the horse owner—the AVERAGE payout for participating owners in 2016 was $225, and our Top 10 owners earned between $3,600 and $6,600 last year.


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