APHF awards 53 academic scholarships for 2016-2017

Each year, the American Paint Horse Foundation awards scholarship funds to some of AjPHA’s most deserving young members. Over the past 26 years, APHF has awarded more than $860,000 in scholarships to 322 students.

Who are the students who receive foundation scholarships? They are the hard-working young horsemen and -women you see striving every day to be the best they can be, both as horsemen and in their academic pursuits. These students are supported by the generous donations given to the foundation program by APHA members in honor of loved ones or by regional Paint Horse clubs and zones.

For academic scholarship consideration, students must be a member of the AjPHA or APHA for two years, must pass a college entrance examination, provide three letters of reference and submit an essay explaining their educational plans. After they have been granted a scholarship, they must maintain a “B” or better grade-point average to be eligible for renewal.

A total of 16 students received new scholarships for 2016–2017. They are:

 Andrea Althoff  Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College
 Madeline Alewine  Bud & Bev Shoemaker  Oklahoma State University
 Blayne Bell  Ashley Huntington Memorial  Delaware State University
 Sydney Craig  Zone 3 #2  Florida Gulf Coast University
 Callie Foster  Jason Sheriff Memorial  University of Mississippi
 Jacob Grinstead  Bob & Theda Bartholomew  Kansas State University
 Hannah Hattendorf  Ark-La-Tex PHC  Austin Peay State University
 Abigail Guin  Utah PHC #1  Southern Arkansas University
 Julie Hill  Keith Lemoine Memorial  Texas A&M University
 Curtis Howerton  Zone 2  Black Hawk College
 Cassidy Jones  Zone 3 #4  University of Missouri-Columbia
 Caitlin Reed  Cross Timbers PHC #2  Texas Tech University
 Alyssa Sappington  Nebraska PHC  TBD
 Kristen Venable  Arizona PHC #2  University of South Florida
 Raegan Watson  Mikea Smith Honorarium  Lee College
 Lauren Zaddack  Paul White Memorial  University of Wisconsin-River Falls


To renew, students must provide the previous semester’s official transcript and an update on their educational plans and goals. Thirty-seven students renewed their scholarships for the 2016–2017 academic year. They are:

 Celsey Beneda  Zone 3 #3  Kansas State University
 Tasha Gibson  Roland & Joan Hoch Memorial  CO Northwestern Comm. College
 Meagen Jones  Arizona PHC #6  Brigham Young University
 Brogan Horton  Matt Diamond Memorial  Texas A&M University
 Makenzie Keefer  Central California PHC  Colorado State University
 Nadine Miller  Washington PHC  Washington State University
 Jamie Riley  Zone 1 #1  University of Montana Western
 Kelsey Richie  Lynn Simons Memorial #2  Texas Christian University
 Shay Voorhees  Duane Pettibone Memorial  Dallas Baptist University
 Chloe Benning  Cross Timbers PHC #1  Baylor University
Sydney Broussard Floyd & MaryAnn More #1 University of Florida
 Kirsten Chamberland  Wonderlich  Oklahoma State University
 Taylor Dixon  Sheila Plimpton Memorial  University of Georgia
 Hannah Himmellmann  Idaho PHC  University of Kentucky
 Courtney Hall  Floyd & MaryAnn Moore #2  Missouri State University
 Nicole Jennings  Dr. Bill Jackson  University of Findlay
 Crystal Ann Mitchell  Zone 1 #3  University of Wisconsin Madison
 Kelsey Kafesjian  Yoesel Memorial  Colorado State University
 Andrea Nelson  Arizona PHC #4  Utah State University
 Sarah Nelson  Lynn Simons Memorial #1  University of Saint Thomas
 Lindsey Valdiviez  Robert Hass Memorial  Baylor University
 Morgan Vance  Mary & Robert Parrott  Oklahoma State University
Laurel Caldwell  Southwest Washington PHC  Oregon State University
 Kimberlyn Crisp  Bud & Bev Shoemaker  Tarleton State University
 Brinley Evans  Ashley Huntington Memorial  Fort Hays State University
 Taylor Gibson  Zone 3 #2  CO Northwestern Community College
 Jennifer Hines  Jason Sheriff Memorial  Morrisville State College
 Anna Hutlas  Ark-La-Tex PHC  University of Georgia
 Catherine Lankford  Keith Lemoine Memorial  Georgia Northwestern Technical College
 Morgan Johnson  Zone 2  University of California–Berkeley
 Madison Malsch  Zone 3 #4  Texas A&M University
 Meredith Milton  Cross Timbers PHC #2  University of South Carolina
 Charles Rufo  Nebraska PHC  Oklahoma State University
 Amber Spinuzzi  Arizona PHC #2  University of Nevada-Reno
 Taylor Tuso  Mikea Smith Honorarium  Texas A&M University
 Callie Jo Ware  Paul White Memorial  University of Findlay
 Jessica Wood  Zone 3 #2  University of Guelph


Interested in supporting the Youth of APHA? Our Youth scholarship program is growing every year, and we offer several ways to donate for education.

  • Academic Scholarships: Contribute to one of our existing endowments that fund a scholarship every year.
  • Youth World Championship Show Scholarships: This new initiative generates scholarship funds for AjPHA members competing at our championship show. The scholarship funds add up each year an exhibitor competes in select classes.

For more information or to donate, visit apha.com/foundation or contact Foundation Director Laura Jesberg at (817) 222-6412 or [email protected].


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