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APHA’s Horse IQ adds ranch riding and halter to educational lineup

What’s the secret for high scores in the show pen? No, it’s not the latest training gadget or fashion trend—it’s knowledge. And now, ranch riders and halter exhibitors can get a leg up on the competition with educational modules from Horse IQ.

APHA’s Horse IQ virtual education platform brings the APHA Rule Book to life for exhibitors seeking a deep understand of the whats and whys behind their favorite classes. Through video examples, voiceover explanations by the industry’s top judges and virtual tests that put users in the judge’s chair, Horse IQ gives exhibitors a leg-up  for their next competition.

Horse IQ launched in 2016 with modules on trail and Western horsemanship. Ranch riding and halter are the first of several modules planned for release throughout 2017.

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Each module focuses on one discipline; watch video examples with explanations of penalties and maneuver scores, judge a class online with “reasons” by an official judge, and put your skills to the test by judging numerous runs and comparing your scores to official APHA World Show judges’ scorecards. Horse IQ viewers receive the same information taught to carded judges at their annual educational seminars.

“There’s no question that understanding the rules governing horse show classes is critical to finding success in the pen,” APHA Director of Judges Dave Dellin said. “Horse IQ simply takes what’s always been available, makes it more accessible to different learning styles and updates with rule changes or industry trends as the years go on. Thanks to this program, there’s simply no excuse for not knowing the ins and outs of your class of choice.”

Horse IQ is perfect for exhibitors of all ages, trainers, parents, judges, competitive horse judging teams and more.

Joining Horse IQ is easy and gives you on-demand access to hundreds of video clips and judging criteria at the click of a button. Subscription fees start at $6.99 per month for APHA members or $9.99 per month for non-members. Join now at aphahorseiq.com.


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