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APHA welcomes new Corporate Partner Santa Cruz Animal Health

APHA is pleased to welcome Santa Cruz Animal Health as an official Corporate Partner for 2018. As a Corporate Partner, Santa Cruz Animal Health will sponsor APHA’s two annual World Shows by providing awards to top-placing Youth, Amateur and Open competitors in 2018.

A part of Santa Cruz Biotechnology Inc., Santa Cruz Animal Health is quickly becoming one of the forerunners in the distribution and development of veterinary and animal health care products. The company offers a variety of products that allow owners to keep their performance horses, livestock and companion animals at their finest.

Santa Cruz’s equine health product line includes antibiotics and antifungals, dewormers, insecticides, grooming supplies, reproductive and neonatal care, as well as general supplies. New to product line is the comprehensive, high-quality, affordable line of UltraCruz Animal Health Supplements for horses, dogs, cattle and goats. They’ve got what you need to keep your Paint Horse in the peak of health.

“We’re thrilled to partner with APHA. We have a great respect for the breed, association and its wonderful membership. Our UltraCruz brand offers a full line of supplements, grooming and critical-care products that we know APHA members will enjoy,” Santa Cruz Animal Health Sales and Marketing Manager Ruthie Stotler said. “We look forward to being a part of the Paint Horse family for years to come and seeing everyone at the World Shows in Fort Worth.”

Kurt Crawford, APHA’s director of business development, mirrors Ruthie’s enthusiasm concerning the partnership.

“We are very excited to have Santa Cruz Animal Health as our newest member of our Corporate Partners for the next two years,” he said.“Our members will appreciate the devotion Santa Cruz Animal Health takes in producing the best possible products for our animals. We are looking forward to Santa Cruz Animal Health being a strong partner for years to come.”

To learn more about Santa Cruz Animal Health and their products, visit scahealth.com.



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