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APHA Show Management Training Program launched in Europe

Photo by John Jensen, www.taselvfoto.dk

What is the most important element in a horse show’s success? Location? Class schedule? Judges? Multiple factors contribute to making a successful event, but it all starts with a good show manager and secretary. But finding that unicorn—a unique combination of knowledge, experience and motivation—can be challenging, especially for a small organization or new club officers.

That’s why APHA developed a show management training program and took it for a trial spin in Europe, first in Germany at the 2018 APHA European Education Summit, and again in Denmark at the 2019 APHA horseIQ™ Scandinavia event.

One of the latest additions to the list of APHA’s International Show Managers is Kirstine Jensen. Kirstine was certified at APHA horseIQ Scandinavia, an educational event for exhibitors, show managers, and current and future judges held in Denmark last April.

The Grindsted, Denmark, native has been involved with horses from an early age and is now tackling both the show arena and the show office. Kirstine got involved in show management through Paint Horse Club Denmark, and since then she has four shows under her belt. Kirstine pays special attention to how her exhibitors are feeling during the show.

“I like to see all the participants enjoying themselves,” Kirstine said.

When she heard about the APHA Show Management Seminar, her interest was piqued. A true show manager, Kirstine helped plan the horseIQ event before assuming her role as a student. During the seminar, Kirstine gained confidence using the most popular show management software in the industry and as a result, felt more comfortable relying on the people and resources around her.

“Just go for it and don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it,” she said.

Ready to step up your involvement in the equine industry? Make plans to attend the next APHA Show Management Seminar tentatively scheduled for March 2020 in Germany. Just send us an email and let us know you’re interested to receive registration information as soon as it is available.

Looking for a well-prepared APHA show manager or secretary to run your next international event? While any APHA member in good standing—who is familiar with APHA rules and has the ability and experience—can do those jobs, click here for the list of APHA-certified international show managers and secretaries.



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