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APHA-Registered Performance Horse Stallions

You might be riding an APHA-eligible horse and not even know it!

If your horse has at least 1 APHA-registered parent (and the other is a registered Paint, Quarter Horse or Thoroughbred), your horse can be registered with APHA—and that makes your horse even more valuable and gives him access to Paint exclusive payouts and opportunities!

These performance horse stallions are registered with APHA, so their foals are eligible for APHA registration too*

Alwaysshineyergunsup Americasnexttopgun ARC Gunnabeabigstar
ARC Gunnamarkya Badboonarising Big Chex To Cash
Blo Gun Catty Hawk Check Yer Metal
Chics Loaded Gun Colonels Lil Gun Colonels Lone Gun
Colonels Shining Gun Colonels Smoken Chex Colonels Smoking Gun
Colonelsmokingpep Custom Made Gun Dealnwithacoolcat
Dual Reyish Dun It Gotta Gun Epic Titan
Gunna Bea Natural Gunnatrashya Gunner On Ice
Gunners Indian Gunners Special Nite Gunners Tinseltown
Gunners Trashman Gunnin For Chicks Gunnysbigenterprise
Gunnys Big Hombre Gun Olena Colonel Guns R For Shootin
Hesa Loaded Gun HF Mobster Hollywood Cool Gun
Hydrive Cat Ifwhizswereguns Im Gunna Shine
Inferno Sixty Six Magnetik Playboy MC Cowhammer
Mecom Blue Metallic Cattack Metallic Malice
Metallic Masterpiece Metallic Rebel Metallic Rey Mink
No Smoking Required Once You Go Black One Gun
One Time Royalty Pale Face Dunnit Quejanaisalena
Reyzin The Cash Rocky Mountain Blues Rusty Blue Metallic
Shift N Gears Smart And Shiney Smoking Whiz
Smooth As A Cat Smooth Talkin Style Snipers Smoking Gun
Spooks Gotta Gun Spooks Gotta Run Spooks Gotta Whiz
Steady Smoking Guns Stevie Rey Von Super Marioo
The Rey Gun Tinker With Guns Trashadeous
Tricked Out Spook The Reyl Mccoy Tres Seis
Volturi Wimpys Snow Gun Zezes Pepto Cat

*List is not exhaustive. Must meet all APHA registration guidelines. 

Registering your APHA-eligible horse is simple:

  • Fill out the APHA registration application (get it here)
  • Include a copy of his AQHA papers (we use this in place of the required signatures and breeding reports)
  • Include photos of your horse from all 4 sides, and closeups of any minimal belly, leg or face markings with a ruler
  • Include payment for fees

Questions? Email APHA MemberCare.


[Reprinting all or part of this news release is permitted, so long as credit is given to the Paint Horse Journal and a link provided back to apha.com.]


About APHA

The American Paint Horse Association is the world’s second-largest international equine breed association, registering more than a million horses in 59 nations and territories since it was founded in 1962. APHA promotes, preserves and provides meaningful experiences with Paint Horses.