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APHA Performance Department restructured to emphasize growth of APHA-owned events

In preparation for a move to Fort Worth’s Historic Stockyard district in 2019, APHA has reorganized its Performance Department to focus more attention on growing APHA-owned events, like the World Shows and future event development at the Stockyards.

Experienced APHA Senior Director of Show & Contest Holly Slaughter (right) will spearhead efforts to grow APHA’s World Shows and develop other APHA-owned events that will emerge from the Stockyard’s move.

“Holly has been the driving force behind the growth of our World Championship Shows and the events surrounding them,” APHA Executive Director Billy Smith said. “This will allow her and her team to focus attention on greater growth.”

Christine Henry Gillett (left) will continue her duties with APHA’s Youth and work closely with Holly to develop APHA events.

In addition, APHA Director of Judges Dave Dellin (right) will assume oversight of APHA’s show activities outside of the World Show arena. That includes Judges, Education, Amateurs and Breeders’ Trust.

Amanda Cormack (below) will lead APHA’s efforts to grow and improve APHA-sanctioned events. Matt Arias (below)  will continue duties growing the Breeders’ Trust and Futurity programs, and Savanna Robbins (below) will expand her duties to include both Amateurs and the association’s performance awards programs. Karen Utecht (below) will continue her focused efforts on APHA’s Paint racing and Paint Barrel Racing Incentive Programs. Alexandra Flavion (below) will continue efforts to automate current Performance processes and provide administrative support, while also coordinating the Paint Alternative Competition program.

“This effort should help us develop bold programming in the Stockyards while at the same time growing our existing World Shows,” Billy said. “It also puts more resources at hand to develop new show initiatives that we have planned for APHA.”


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