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APHA Partner LubriSyn supports healthy joints and APHA members with Youth scholarships and other great prizes

By Elizabeth Ennis

As we age, our joints age too—it’s a fact of life for ourselves, as well as our Paints, pups and other critters. As we age and perform, the cartilage that cushions joints and the synovial fluid that lubricates them can begin to wear and break down, eventually leading to bone-on-bone friction and inflammation. The result? Discomfort that can impact performance and daily activities if not properly managed. But don’t worry—Halstrum LLC with LubriSynHA is here to help.

LubriSynHA is the official joint supplement of APHA, and they support our membership in the same way their product supports our joints. LubriSynHA is the presenting sponsor of APHA’s annual Youth Leadership Conference, and they award two lucky Youth with $500 scholarships and others with LubriSynHA products. Exhibitors showing at the APHA World Championship Show might also win LubriSynHA products, too.

Vice President of Business Development Alex Hassinger reflects on similar goals shared between the APHA and LubriSynHA.

“LubriSynHA family of products, Re-Borne and APHA share the same goal of preserving and helping the American Paint Horse breed grow through its membership. Dr. Steven Allday, the developer of LubriSynHA and Re-Borne, has dedicated his veterinarian profession to preaching about preventative horse health and developing a line of products that attains those goals of APHA members and all horse people alike. Our line of products—including joint, skin and optimum health products—are produced to the highest standards and are the most effective products in their respective categories. There is a common goal between our company and APHA, with the horse first and foremost in our mind to help them stay healthy and sound with very long campaigns—something that Dr. Allday strives to attain on a daily basis in his practice with high-end Thoroughbred racehorses,” Alex said.

LubriSyn HA is unlike other joint supplements. Fed daily to horses, dogs and humans, its liquid form allows the hyaluronic acid—the “HA” in LubriSynHA—to more closely match natural joint fluid and, in turn, better relieve pain. Halstrum LLC also produces LubriSynHA Plus, which combines the benefits of HA and MSM. MSM targets cartilage in the joints, while HA works synergistically to maintain healthy joint fluid. Both supplements are perfect for treating or preventing joint degradation in performance, senior or growing horses in all disciplines.

Re-Borne, another member of the Halstrum LLC family, is a whole bovine colostrum supplement, which makes use of excess colostrum—milk that’s densely packed with nutrients, immune modulators and growth factors while remaining lower in sugars—produced by Grade A dairy cattle. The colostrum is sterilized and stored in its natural liquid state to maintain the quality of the proteins, antibodies and other nutrients. Re-Borne can be used as a colostrum replacer for orphaned newborns or if a dam’s own colostrum is low in quality or quantity. It can also help settle the digestive track and maintain immune function in young animals with scours, while transitioning weanlings from milk to solid food, or for traveling performance animals. It is safe to use for horses, dogs, cattle, pigs, sheep and goats.

All LubriSyn products can be purchased at the Paint Horse Barn Door, phbarndoor.com. For more information about these products, visit their websites at lubrisyn.com and re-borne.com.


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