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APHA partner Kimes Ranch releases new styles for 2017

Paint Horse Journal Pro Team Sponsor Kimes Ranch Jeans is expanding their popular line of denim and apparel, and APHA’s excited to be along for the ride. Known for its premier denim that makes fit and function a priority, Kimes Ranch Jeans will add four new denim styles as well as an expanded selection of hoodies, tees and hats.

The denim line will expand by adding a sixth men’s style and three women’s styles. The “Wayne” is a straight-cut jean similar to existing men’s style “Cal,” but with a lower rise for all-day wear. “Betty 17,” “Bonnie” and “Bonnie Black” are forecasted to be new favorites among women. “Betty 17” has all of the features of the original “Betty”—as seen in the pages of Chrome—in a new tri-blend denim fabric. This new denim, currently seen in “Black Betty,” is softer than its original counterpart with a three-way stretch to prevent sagging from all-day wear. “Bonnie” and “Bonnie Black” are the first skinny jeans to be featured in the Kimes Ranch line. These jean styles will also feature the new tri-blend denim with more of a street feel.

Founded in 2009, Kimes Ranch was created to fill a void in the marketplace. With a long-standing Western history, founders Matt and Amanda Kimes’ desire was to create a company that produced great fitting, quality, long-lasting jeans that walked the line between fashion-forward and traditional Western.

“Denim is our core competency, and we are extremely pleased with the four new styles joining our signatures,” KRJ Vice President Amanda Kimes said. “You don’t see KRJ adding many new denim styles because we want to create quality pieces that the market needs. Only once we master the fit and prove the durability does a jean get a name and a place in the collection.”

Be on the lookout for the new products at kimesranch.com. Current products can be seen in the show pen or rodeo arena, as well as on PHJ Pro Team members. For more information about the PHJ Pro Team visit phj.apha.com/phj-pro-team.


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