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APHA offers exclusive VIP service to World Show exhibitors for 2020 and beyond

Starting with the 2020 APHA World Championship Show, exhibitors have the opportunity to become a World Show sponsor and access VIP benefits—including choice of stalling location—through the new Exhibitor Sponsorship Program.

The Exhibitor Sponsorship Program is designed to enhance the experience for exhibitors attending the APHA World Show. Sponsorships range from $500 to $5,000, and in addition to receiving valuable perks with the package you select, most of the money raised will be used to enhance payouts at the World Show, which puts more money into the pockets of exhibitors.

The Exhibitor Sponsorship Program allows participants a choice of stalling location, but you will still need to complete an online stall reservation form. Stall reservations will be paired with the level of sponsorship selected to determine order of priority stall placement.  The pre-entry, stall and RV deadline is August 21, so be sure to get your reservations and sponsorships in for the best rates and best location selection. Sponsorship payments must be submitted by August 21 to guarantee priority stall placement and RV lot if applicable. Priority within each sponsorship level and availability will be based on date sponsorship payment is received by the APHA. Preferential stalling will be available for the Gold, Silver, and Bronze level sponsors.

To review the complete list of sponsorship opportunities available, see www.apha.com/worldshow/buildyourbrand/. Exhibitor sponsorship forms will be available when the premium book and all entry, stall and RV forms are released at www.apha.com/worldshow/ws-forms.

For more information on this exciting new program email Director of Business Development Kurt Crawford at [email protected].

APHA is dedicated to providing all exhibitors the best World Show possible—we are excited for the 2020 World Show and cannot wait to see you in Fort Worth, September 18–October 4. Stay safe!


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