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APHA judges tapped for 2017 major shows

APHA-carded judges are in high demand, and several of our outstanding officials have been selected to judge major events in 2017. Events selecting APHA judges include the following:

NSBA World Show
Brenden Brown
Rick Christy
Melissa Dukes
Eric Hubbard
Rob Meneely
Tom Robertson
Jennifer Thompson
Tom McBeath
Pam Scott
Tim Abler
Sharon Wellman
Chris Jeter

All American Quarter Horse Congress
Dean Bogart
Brenda Brown
Tony Burris
Mike Carter
Tanya Green
Rebecca Halvorson
Larry Little
Donald McDuffee
Robert Meneely
Andrea Simons
Chris Thompson
Betsy Tuckey


Of course, APHA judges also officiate the AjPHA and APHA World Championship Shows, as well. Check out judges for the Youth World Show at apha.com/ywcs; judges for the Open/Amateur World Show will be posted soon at apha.com/oawcs.

To learn more about becoming an APHA judge or to find a qualified judge for your event, check out apha.com/association/judges.


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About APHA

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