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APHA finds perfect fit with new Corporate and Xtras Partner Rod Patrick Boot Company

 APHA is pleased to announce Rod Patrick Bootmakers as its newest corporate partner and Xtras partner. With this relationship, Rod Patrick Bootmakers will work to benefit APHA members in and out of the show pen.

Rod Patrick Bootmakers has built a reputation for creating boots that offer an exceptional fit and durable comfort. They have honed their techniques and processes for more than 45 years to bring their customers products tailored to meet their needs that will stand the test of time. As Rod Patrick Bootmakers puts it, “Life’s too short to wear boots that don’t fit.”

The master craftsmen of Rod Patrick Bootmakers hand-last each pair of boots so that they fit properly—even for those “hard-to-fit” customers. Rod Patrick Boot Company is the only bootmaker that offers sizes 4 to 17, as well as 10 different widths (EEE, EE, D, C, B, A, AA, AAA, AAAA), which results in custom and correctly fitted boots. They say customers feel alleviated from joint pain, walk better and feel comfortable throughout long days without aching feet.

Like the Paint Horse, each pair of Rod Patrick Boots is unique—it’s easy to see why the two fit so perfectly!

As a new APHA corporate partner, Rod Patrick Bootmakers plans to support APHA members and promote APHA as a whole. The company is also coming on board as a new APHA Xtras partner and offering current APHA members a 10% discount on their Custom Fit & Custom Design boots either, at their Fort Worth store or at the APHA Youth and Open/Amateur World Show. Just give them your APHA ID number, and they’ll get started on your order.

“We are thrilled and honored with the opportunity to partner with APHA,” Rod Patrick Bootmakers President Bobby Smith said. “Sometimes you just know when it’s right, and this is right.”

APHA Director of Business Development Kurt Crawford is excited about this opportunity as well.

“We are delighted to have Rod Patrick Boots become a corporate partner for APHA. Rod Patrick Boots has been a trusted brand for many years and top-quality boots and incredible fit makes them one of the leading boot makers. I personally am very difficult to fit, and I have been wearing Rod Patrick Boots for the past five years,” he said.

For more information on Rod Patrick Bootmakers, visit rodpatrickboots.com.


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