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APHA eliminates Youth ownership late fee for the World Show

The $500 late fee previously charged on APHA World Championship Show Youth entries when horse ownership/leases are modified after the pre-entry deadline was eliminated by APHA beginning in 2022.

This allows Youth exhibitors who purchase or lease a horse after the pre-entry deadline to enter and compete at the APHA World Show without an ownership penalty fee—they are eligible for all titles and awards, excluding Youth world championship class scholarships. The 2022 APHA World Show pre-entry deadline is May 16.

  • 2022 Youth World Championship Class Eligibility Requirements: 

All horses entered in Youth World Championship classes must be owned/leased by the Youth exhibitor or an eligible family member per Rule YP-015 as recorded by APHA by the pre-entry deadline of May 16 to be eligible for Youth World Show scholarships. Youth or eligible family members who own/lease their horses after the May 16 postmark deadline (as recorded by APHA) and by 5 p.m. the day prior to the class in which they are competing are eligible to compete for Youth World Show titles and awards, but will not be eligible to earn scholarship money.

  • 2022 Amateur World Championship Class Eligibility Requirements:

All horses entered in Amateur World Championship classes must be owned/leased by the Amateur exhibitor or an eligible family member as recorded by APHA by 5 p.m. the day prior to the class in which the horse is to be exhibited in their respective classes.

Horses may be transferred or leased during the World Show for Open, Amateur and Youth classes, provided those guidelines above are followed.

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