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APHA E-Shows continue virtual horse show fun into 2021

The APHA E-Show program—the association’s virtual horse show program—was developed for exhibitors who are new to showing, can’t travel to horse shows for various reasons or who just want the extra practice and judge feedback before their next show. The program was launched in March 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic shutdown when no live shows were taking place, leaving exhibitors itching for competition. The program developed extensively over the next 10 months and is now a fixture in APHA’s programs.

Eleven APHA E-Shows took place in 2020, including the inaugural PAC World Championship E-Show and a Virtual Youth Team Tournament. Five E-Shows were hosted by APHA for other organizations, including the Mustang Heritage Foundation, North Carolina State 4-H Program, Arizona State 4-H Program, and the Interscholastic Equestrian Association.

A few highlights of the 2020 monthly APHA E-Shows:

  • More than 1,200 entries were received for the 10 monthly E-Shows, with over 400 different horses and exhibitors participating for an average of 120 entries per E-Show.
  • More than 40 classes were offered at each E-Show; exhibitor favorites included ranch riding, showmanship, Western horsemanship, Western pleasure and hunter under saddle.
  • 14 different countries were represented, along with 41 U.S. states and Canadian provinces. International exhibitors have grown to make up 15% of the total entries!
  • Critiques have been an exhibitor favorite, with 43% of exhibitors requesting that their run be critiqued by carded APHA judges.
  • All classes are jackpotted, with a select number of Big Money classes that have a higher payout with guaranteed purses. The program has awarded over $13,000 in cash and $5,000 in gift cards to the PH Barn Door, SmartPak and Kimes Ranch. Some lucky exhibitors have earned over $600 in jackpots this year from APHA E-Shows!
  • APHA E-Shows are also PAC-approved, so exhibitors’ success can be submitted and recorded on their Paint’s PAC show record to go towards PAC perpetual and year-end awards.
  • The PAC World Championship E-Show was the first virtual world show in the equine industry, awarding 78 PAC world champion or reserve world champion titles.

And there’s good news: APHA E-Shows are continuing the virtual horse show fun into 2021!

View the full E-Show Schedule, including the 2021 PAC World Championship E-Show, at apha.com/showing/e-shows/. Include APHA E-Shows in your show prep routine by competing in this all breed environment with exhibitors from all over the world, and receive quality judge critiques and some tack shop spending money from the comfort of your home barn. If you have any questions about the APHA E-Show or PAC program, contact Elizabeth Lawhorn at elawhorn@apha.com or 817-222-6416.


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