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APHA Corporate Partner Gist awards championship buckles as unique as your Paint

By Elizabeth Ennis

Trophy buckles are more than a fancy piece of metal that help cinch up a favorite pair of jeans. They are a nod to our accomplishments with our equine partners and to the time spent in the saddle, mucking stalls, cleaning tack and on the road. Throughout the years, Gist has created buckles for some of the most coveted championships in the country. As APHA’s official silversmith, they continue the tradition of designing exceptional pieces for competitors at every level of competition.

Gist once again crafted all of the trophy buckles awarded at the 2018 APHA Youth and Open/Amateur World Championship Shows, helping APHA members take home a tangible piece of a cherished experience.

“Gist has been a longtime APHA partner and their buckles are used to commemorate many monumental APHA awards and titles, from world and reserve world championships to year-end awards like Top 20s and Honor Roll championships,”APHA Director of Youth Activities and APHA Events Christine Henry Gillett said. “Gist provides us with excellent designs, service and dedication to ensuring that APHA’s custom belt buckles and other Gist award items are second to none.”

Gist Vice President of Marketing and Business Development Jennifer Folsom emphasizes the company’s desire to support APHA and members’ accomplishments.

“Gist has enjoyed a longstanding partnership with APHA, approaching more than 35 years. It is our great honor to design and craft championship buckles to recognize the hard-earned achievements of Paint Horse enthusiasts across many disciplines and accomplishments. Our artists strive to be innovative in meeting the needs of the association for trophy buckles that honor their members and display the signature marks of the breed,” she said.

For 50 years, Gist Silversmiths has crafted the finest Western buckles, bits, spurs, saddle trim and jewelry right here in the United States. Each buckle is designed by hand and produced with the help of modern precision technology to create a timeless award worthy of a champion. Visit gistsilversmiths.com to check out their assortment of buckles, jewelry and award items.


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