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APHA celebrates our 2018 year-end champions

Each year, top performing APHA members and their Paints are honored with APHA year-end award titles, including Top 20 awards, Honor Roll titles, Zone awards and more. Full results from the 2018 Year-End Performance Review are found in the March/April 2019 Paint Horse Journal; congratulations to our No. 1 Top 20 Award winners for 2018—read more about their inspiring journeys in the Paint Horse Journal (subscribe or renew today!):

No. 1 Youth 13 & Under: Whatcha Expect & Kimber Cobbs
2010 buckskin overo gelding by Just Expect It x Flashy Dee Que Madera
Hometown: Warren, Indiana

“Bentley and I were able to come together as a team this year, so that really helped us to work on details and strive for bigger things,” Kimber said. “Inspiration sparks inside me when I see other people working hard before a show. I admire them because they’re all striving to be their best.”


No. 1 Youth 14–18: Radicalized & Mary Katherine Camp
2004 bay overo gelding by Radical Rodder (QH) x Zippos Dun One
Hometown: Longview, Texas

“I never set out to be No. 1; I just have always said, ‘If it happens, it happens,’ ” Mary Katherine said. “Every time I step into the show pen, I have two things on my mind: to push myself to do my best and to have fun.”


No. 1 Youth Solid Paint-Bred: Sand In My Pants & Maggie Steinbach
2010 chestnut solid gelding by Special Invitation x PMZ Seven
Hometown: Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

“He does really well in events where he can lengthen his stride. Last year we focused on his transitions and bringing some of that into the other events,” Maggie said.


Novice Youth Rookie of the Year: Sent Certified & Kinzie Cobbs
2007 sorrel overo gelding by Zippos Sensation x Too Tard To Dance
Hometown: Warren, Indiana

“The most amazing feeling is the one you get when you know you’ve done well and you’re proud of yourself and your horse,” Kinzie said. “It doesn’t matter whether you’ve won the class as long as you know you’ve done your best.”


No. 1 Amateur: CR Love Like Crazy & Lana Markway
2014 chestnut overo mare by CR Good Machine x PMZ Seven
Hometown: Clinton, Missouri

“I’ve dreamt of being No. 1 since I was in 13 & Under,” Lana said. “Don’t give up on your dreams. It took me about 20 years to accomplish this one, and it finally happened.”


No. 1 Masters Amateur: Alot To Offer & Kelli Foster
2009 sorrel overo gelding by Alotta Charisma x Zippos Poco Sue (QH)
Hometown: Mount Pleasant, Utah

“I feel fortunate: fortunate for horse-showing friends who share my passion for this inexplicable world of horses and competition and fortunate to be working with Sandi Morgan, who has made all riding things possible for us Fosters and our horses,” Kelli said.


No. 1 Novice Amateur: Im Good With That & Jessie Stegmeier
2011 red roan overo gelding by Only Krymsun x Ima Good Artist
Hometown: Las Vegas, Nevada

“It still feels surreal; I wonder if I will wake up and find out that it was all some fantasy my 9-year-old self dreamt up. It is an honor to count myself among the amazing teams who have won this award in the past,” Jessie said.


No. 1 Amateur Walk-Trot: A Sultry Pleasure & Shari Couch
2011 red roan overo gelding by Good N Sultry (QH) x A Pure Pleasure
Hometown: Perry, Missouri

“My goal with A Sultry Pleasure is always to have fun and improve every ride,” Shari said. “I want to grow as we go—and we did so by leaps and bounds last year!”


No. 1 Amateur & Open Solid Paint-Bred: O I Need A Spot & Deidre Witte
2005 sorrel solid gelding by Ollie Norfleet x Zippins Trendy Doll
Hometown: Bloomington, Illinois

“I used to hate trail, but he has taught me to love it. Every horse I own from here on out will have to do trail!” Deidre said.


Amateur Rookie of the Year: VS Hot Mess & Caitlin Hull
2014 sorrel overo mare by VS Code Red (QH) x Elegant Dimension
Hometown: Eden Prairie, Minnesota

“I’ve always had bigger dreams for myself, so this year has really been the first step in living out a dream,” Caitlin said.


No. 1 Open Horse: Get The Sensation
2010 sorrel overo gelding by Zippos Sensation x Sexy Invitation 
Owner: Isabella Applegarth, La Porte, Indiana

“He’s a really special horse to Isabella and me,” trainer Carly Parks said. “He takes care of us, and the family puts the horse first and takes the best care of him. They’re the perfect family to own a perfect horse that they truly love.”


APHA’s Paint Alternative Competition (PAC) program champions and category winners from 2018 are honored in the May/June 2019 Paint Horse Journal:

Six PAC Top Five Champion: Im Alonesome Legacy
2007 sorrel tobiano gelding by High Lonesome x Sugar Bar Max
Owner: Jeanie Anderson, Saltsburg, Pennsylvania
Exhibitor: Caleigh Anderson, Saltsburg, Pennsylvania

“You don’t have to have the fanciest horse, tack or trailer, but you do have to have unending determination,” Caleigh said. “Work hard and learn from your mistakes.”

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