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APHA awards High-Point Ranch Horse titles at 2018 Paint World

Versatile horses took center stage throughout the APHA World Championship Show’s ranch horse events, and three top performers rode away with more than just memories. An expanded slate of ranch events—the addition of Novice Amateur and Solid Paint-Bred divisions, as well as ranch pleasure, ranch cow work and ranch reining classes—brought more ready-to-work riders to the premier Paint competition; ranch classes saw more than 270 entries across the Open, Amateur, Novice Amateur, Solid Paint-Bred and Amateur Solid Paint-Bred divisions.

This year also marked the inaugural Ranch Horse High-Point awards; meet the 2018 Ranch Horse High-Point winners, then read their full stories—along with complete World Show coverage—in the December 2018 Paint Horse Journal. Purchase, renew or extend a subscription today! 

High-Point Novice Amateur Ranch Horse: Amanda Sanchez & RT Hug Me Doc

After winning the  Novice Amateur Ranch Pleasure world championship with RT Hug Me Doc, Amanda Sanchez of Farmersville, Texas, knew exactly who she wanted to call first: her childhood riding coach, Brooke Wing of Rocky Top Ranch in Keller, Texas.

” ‘Whopper’ was bred by Doug and Vivian Newton, and Brooke is their daughter. Brooke and her husband, Chad, were my Youth coaches—and Chad taught me how to ride at 10 years old. Plus, Brooke’s son, JD, started her,” Amanda explained. “They’re second family to me, and she was the only person I wanted to talk to.”

Amanda has enjoyed competing and showing with Whopper at the World Show since 2015, but the duo finally found the perfect home in the new Novice Amateur world championships and expanded slate of ranch classes.

“We’ve enjoyed competing [at the World Show], but we weren’t yet on the Amateur or Open level, so these expanded ranch events really gave us an open playing field,” Amanda said. “There are a lot of people who have come out for the Novice division, and it’s a great avenue for others who are just starting to explore these ranch events.”

Together, Amanda and the 2007 bay tobiano mare by King Doc Bar and out of Carumba clinched wins in Novice Amateur Ranch Pleasure and Novice Amateur Ranch Trail, along with Top Five finishes in Novice Amateur Ranch Riding, Ranch Reining and Limited Ranch Cow Work, ultimately taking the lead for the Novice Amateur High-Point title.

High-Point Amateur Ranch Horse: Kathleen Roach & Freckles Nu Lil Gun

Kathleen Roach of Spanish Fork, Utah, “steals” Freckles Nu Lil Gun from her husband whenever she can, but she didn’t intend to steal the show at her very first APHA World Championship Show. Together, Kathleen and “Juliet” snapped up a win in Amateur Ranch Reining as well as reserve titles in Amateur Ranch Riding and Amateur Ranch Pleasure.

“She is just so willing to try anything that you ask of her,” Kathleen said of the stalwart mare. “I don’t think she’d ever had a rope swung over her or worked cattle before we started these classes, but she just goes ahead and does it for me!”

Strong performances across the ranch events put Kathleen and Juliet at the top of the High-Point Amateur Ranch Horse standings, which was a surprise Kathleen hadn’t been expecting.

“I was just trying to do my best in each class, and after I’d had a ‘senior moment’ in the trail where I forgot a maneuver, I assumed I was out of the race; so I couldn’t believe it when we won!” Kathleen said. ” ‘Juliet’ is just such a blessing to our family, and it’s amazing to enjoy the kind of success we’ve had with her.”

Juliet is a 2008 sorrel overo mare by Colonels Lil Gun and out of Nu Bar Freckles (QH).

High-Point Open Ranch Horse: Gunners Mega Rascal

Though she coached a gaggle of Novice and Amateur clients through their ranch horse events, competing in the Open division aboard Gunners Mega Rascal was extra personal for Heather Young of Gainesville, Texas. Purchased for Heather’s mother, Carla, to ride and show, “Bullseye”—a 2009 sorrel overo gelding by Colonels Lone Gun and out of Mega She Whiz (QH)—gave solid performances in each of his five ranch horse classes.

“Bullseye, to me, is great in the ranch riding and ranch pleasure, but his biggest strength is that he can do anything,” Heather said. “That’s what these ranch events take—a horse that can do anything. He’s got a really good mind and he allows you to put him wherever he needs to be.”

Though they didn’t leave the arena with any blue-and-red neck ribbons, consistency paid off for Heather and Bullseye; solid Top 10 performances ultimately added up to their main goal: the High-Point Open Ranch Horse.

“We did well, but each class had some bobbles; we just stuck with it and battled it out,” Heather said. “But this title and saddle was my big goal. It’s been what we’ve worked toward since the World Show added all of the ranch classes.”


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