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APHA announces the 2021 Youth World Games Teams

APHA’s Youth World Games, held virtually due to international travel restrictions, officially starts today with video entries accepted through August 9. One exhibitor from each team will compete in one of four performance classes: showmanship, Western horsemanship, hunt seat equitation and ranch riding. Teams with five members have the option to submit an extra video and drop the lowest placing.

Why this matters: APHA’s Youth World Games team members are some of the top APHA youth exhibitors from around the world. Not only will they compete for individual awards, but they will also compete for overall team awards.

Good luck to these teams and competitors!

Team Austria

Christina Mayr & Whata Smart Asset – Showmanship

Felix Friess & Like Smokin Gun – Horsemanship

Anna Mayr & Invest In Victory –Hunt-Seat Equitation

Emely Matschy & Poco Chill Out Olena – Ranch Riding

Joanna Salleger & Like Smokin Gun – Horsemanship


Team Canada

Rae-Lynn Dixon & PP Dressed N Black– Showmanship

Brittany Krammer & SPP Irish Mist Spider – Horsemanship

Keeley Martens & SPP Irish Mist Spider –Hunt-Seat Equitation

Hannah Janssen & Cutie In Booties – Ranch Riding

Kaitlyn Janssen & Krymsum N Chocolate – Showmanship


Team France

Camille Brisard & Miss Midnight Please – Showmanship

Louenn Morice & WD Stardust Remarque – Horsemanship

Camille Brisard & WD Stardust Remarque –Hunt-Seat Equitation

Elise Bonnouvrier & Miss Midnight Please – Ranch Riding


Team Germany

Zoe Cosic & Unzippin The Assets – Hunt-Seat Equitation

Cindy Constantin & TL Cherokees Beauty – Horsemanship

Kristin Gerdau & TL Cherokees Beauty – Ranch Riding

Larissa Hahn & Unzippin The Assets – Showmanship


Team Italy

Emilia Barban & Twister Imprint CT – Showmanship

Beatrice Pasqual & Flashy Forever R – Horsemanship

Verena Zanchetta & Lightning Invitation –Hunt-Seat Equitation

Denise D’uscio & Midnight Rooster Snap– Ranch Riding


Team Netherlands

Isabel Oskam & Hes Assets Sense – Showmanship

Kevin Holthuijsen & Ima Sensational Mover – Horsemanship

Janice Remmers & Docs Flaming Frost –Hunt-Seat Equitation

Cyann Molengraaf & A Peppys Midnight – Ranch Riding

Anne Luitjens & Ima Sensational Mover – Showmanship


Team Sweden

Cettie Wellström & TC Impact In Cool Ice – Showmanship

Annie Johansson & TC Impact In Cool Ice – Horsemanship

Amalia Lindström & Key Of Valor –Hunt-Seat Equitation

Rike Wellström & Key Of Valor – Ranch Riding


Team USA
Mannetta McAvaddy & Your Invited – Showmanship

Lauren Gralla & Invited Sensation – Horsemanship

Antonia Dinulescu & Original Barbie –Hunt-Seat Equitation

Katelyn Daniells & QT Little Gun – Ranch Riding

Josie Eckert & Call Me A Cowboy– Showmanship


Results will be announced on August 27 during the Nation’s Cup at the European Paint Horse Championship, so be sure to watch the live stream. Need more information? Check out the APHA Youth World Games Page.


Thanks to all the owners who donated their APHA-registered horses for this event. Without them, the Youth World Games would not be possible.


Questions? Contact APHA’s Director of Youth Activities at MMcMullen@apha.com.



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