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APHA and Gist Silversmiths celebrate Novice Youth Rookies in each Zone

APHA Corporate Partner Gist Silversmiths is proud to help encourage new, young exhibitors, with a brand new award to celebrate the Novice Youth Rookie in each zone, beginning with the 2016 show season.

Congratulations to the following Youth and their Paint Horses! Each team receives a custom Gist Silversmiths trophy buckle for their extraordinary first-year accomplishments.

  • Zone 1: Lauren Hall & Get Lucky Sensation
  • Zone 2: Sabrina K Anderson & Detailed To A Te
  • Zone 3: Kristen L McPherson & All Right All Reddy
  • Zone 4: Ella Roberts & What R U Looking At
  • Zone 5: Brady Hattan & RL To Be Famous
  • Zone 7: Torin Enevoldsen & Got Good Intentions
  • Zone 8: Makayla Blauwkamp & Ton Of Trouble
  • Zone 9: Austin Cuffman & Oh Y Not Me
  • Zone 10: Brittany Phillips & Krymsun N Chocolate
  • Zone 12: Pavla Bicova & Gemblers Inittowinit

Gist is especially excited to support the young exhibitors who fuel new growth in the arena, Vice President of Marketing & Business Development Jennifer Folsom says.

“It is especially important to recognize these up-and-coming exhibitors to encourage their accomplishments separate from the more experienced riders,” Jennifer said. “The skills learned both in and out of the arena help provide a foundation for success in many facets of life for these Youth and hopefully encouraging their passion for the Paint Horse will create a life-long Paint enthusiast. For a Novice exhibitor, a special buckle represents a reward which they can wear proudly to commemorate their arena success.”

APHA recognizes the overall year-end No. 1 Novice Youth Rookie of the Year, who receives customized prizes and a profile in the Paint Horse Journal.

To be eligible for the Novice Youth  Zone Rookie award:

1. The exhibitor cannot have won any equine association points (in Open, Youth or Novice Youth, excluding Walk-Trot and halter points) at any time prior to the year of the award.

2. The exhibitor is a first-time AjPHA Novice Youth card holder.

3. First-time Novice Youth card holders who have earned APHA Youth or Open points are not eligible for this award.

All eligible exhibitors must hold a current year Novice Youth card and must be a current member of the AjPHA or APHA according to Rule GR-020.I.

This award is based on total points accumulated on a one-horse/one Novice Youth basis per calendar year, and the horse’s ownership must meet the requirements of Rule YP-015.

  • Only one rookie of the year per Zone will be awarded, and will only include the Novice Youth division. The Zone is based on where the exhibitor resides.
  • Points earned in events listed in YP-215.A. are eligible for this award, regardless of where the points were earned.
  • In order to be eligible for this award, a minimum of six points must be earned.

In the event of a tie, the award will be presented:

1. To the person winning points in the greatest number of different events.
2. To the person with the greatest number of wins.

Find all APHA rules here.


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