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All-around champions crowned at the 2022 World Championship Show

Exhibitors from all over the world gathered at the Will Rogers Memorial Center in Fort Worth, Texas, June 24-July 10 to compete in the 2022 APHA World Championship Show.

Congratulations to the following competitors for earning all-around and reserve all-around championships in their respective divisions; check out photos and videos of our champions posted to APHA’s Facebook page:

  • Open Exhibitor
    • Champion: Cody Crow of Johnstown, Colorado
    • Reserve: Sara Simons of Aubrey, Texas
  • Open Show Horse
    • Champion: Wake Up For Candy, a 2016 bay overo mare by VS Flatline (QH) x Too Sleepy For Candy; owned and bred by Susan Juroe of Longmont, Colorado
    • Reserve: Hoos Sophisticated, a 2017 chestnut overo gelding by Sophistication Only (QH) x Shez Dressed Hot; owned and bred by Laura & Jerry Bracken of Trafalgar, Indiana
  • Open Western Performance Horse
    • Champion: Dragtimes High Flyer, a 2016 bay tobiano stallion by Dragtime x Moonshine Summer High; owned by Kelly Clark of Lake Havasu City, Arizona
    • Reserve: Packin Treasures, a 2010 bay tobiano stallion by Easy Packin (QH) x Minnies Girl; owned by Sherree Shaw of Perkinston, Mississippi
  • Open English Performance Horse
    • Champion: Hoos Sophisticated, a 2017 chestnut overo gelding by Sophistication Only (QH) x Shez Dressed Hot; owned by Laura & Jerry Bracken of Trafalgar, Indiana
    • Reserve: I Got Em Talkin, a 2010 gray overo stallion by I Got Charisma x Fight Over Emmie (TB); owned by Laura Rogers of Laceen, Arizona
  • Open Solid Paint-Bred Show Horse
    • Champion: Do He Do White, a 2001 cremello solid gelding by Docs Little Turp (QH) x Docs Miss Dusty (QH); owned by Janie Schnuck of Lamar, Indiana
    • Reserve: Country Quick Heroine, a 2017 bay solid mare by Country Quick Dash x A Lone Hero (QH); owned by Shelton Headley, Port Gibson, Mississippi
  • Amateur
    • Champion: Lila Owens of Winter Park, Georgia, & Best Made Machine, a 2016 chestnut overo gelding by Machine Made (QH) x Beyond My Best (QH)
    • Reserve: Alexis Sage Miller of Eaton, Colorado, & Thanks For Zip En Me, a 2006 sorrel overo gelding by Thanks For Com En x Zippin In Charisma
  • Amateur Walk-Trot
    • Champion: Kirsten Pfab of Granger, Iowa, & Mr Cool Zippo, a 2006 red roan overo gelding by MC Zip A Zip x Cool Gift
    • Reserve: Jennifer Hungate of Mesa, Arizona, & Wow Whata Investment, a 2017 gray overo gelding by The Wow Factor x Invest It All
  • Novice Amateur
    • Champion: Samantha Sullo of Saint Cloud, Florida, & Box Office Sensation, a 2009 sorrel overo gelding by Zippos Sensation x A Passing Fancy
    • Reserve: Mary Belen of Solvang, California, & U Dont Know Me, a 2008 red roan overo gelding by Good To Know (QH) x Vinnys Cinco (QH)
  • Masters Amateur
    • Champion: Jacqueline Lissolo of Andale, Kansas, & Gonna Catch Hilforit, a 2017 sorrel overo gelding by HBF Catch My Irons x Charolette Hilfiger
    • Reserve: Darcie Guisinger Winiewicz of Giesmar, Louisiana, & One Good Cowboy, a 2014 sorrel overo gelding by CR Good Machine x Onesensationalcowgirl
  • Amateur Solid Paint-Bred
    • Champion: Jolene Wadds of Pilot Point, Texas, & Puturmoneyonthetable, a 2018 black solid gelding by Ionlylopeformoney (QH) x A Good Chip Lollypop
    • Reserve: Christina Hansen of Gretna, Nebraska, & Justa Lazy Mouse, a 2018 bay solid mare by Lazy Loper (QH) x One Hot Mouse
  • Novice Youth
    • Champion: Reese Byers of Wichita, Kansas, & Ill B At The Bar, a 2014 gray overo gelding by The Good Ranger (QH) x Six Ways To Sundi (QH)
    • Reserve: Emme Graves of Prosper, Texas, & Over Infleeted, a 2014 red roan overo gelding by Fleet Machine x Im Good All Over (QH)
  • Youth 13 & Under
    • Champion: Celia Heinbuch of Hammond, Wisconsin, & One Flashy Sensation, a 2005 sorrel overo mare by Zippos Sensation x Flashy M J M (TB)
    • Reserve: Delaney Good of Boone, Iowa, & All About You And Me, a 2012 sorrel overo gelding by Absolute Investment (QH) x Herprinciplesrgood (QH)
  • Youth 14-18
    • Champion: Kaylynn Heitman of Marengo, Iowa, & Monie Man, a 2012 sorrel overo gelding by Certain Potential (QH) x Huntin For Money (QH)
    • Reserve: Cara Christensen of Pilot Point, Texas, & Even More Sensational, a 2013 bay overo gelding by Zippos Sensation x Good Enchantment (QH)
  • Youth Walk-Trot
    • Champion: Kinley Keller of Sanford, Florida, & Miss Mesmerized, a 2011 sorrel overo mare by Radicalized x Miss Dee Dexible
    • Reserve: Adalyn Stultz of Montgomery, Texas, & Unchecked Invitation, a 2015 sorrel overo mare by Required Invitation x Unchecked Terms
  • Youth Solid Paint-Bred
    • Champion: Grace Gerbus or Pendleton, Kentucky, & Mr Lazy, a 2017 bay solid gelding by No Doubt Im Lazy (QH) x Some Sweet Machine
    • Reserve: Maggie Dayman of Lucan, Ontario, & Man Up, a 2010 bay solid gelding by Only Krymsun x Snooks Bodaciousdoll (QH)
  • Amateur Ranch
    • Champion: Jessica Ann Rumbaugh of Pflugerville, Texas, & Boonfull of Caesar, a 2012 gray overo gelding by Royal Caeser Boon (QH) x MH Whata Investment (QH)
    • Reserve: Kathleen Roach of Spanish Fork, Utah, & Freckles Nu Lil Gun, a 2008 sorrel overo mare by Colonels Lil Gun x Nu Bar Freckles (QH)
  • Novice Amateur Ranch
    • Champion: Megan Berry of Edgemont, Arkansas, & Gotta Nifty Pistol, a 2017 dun overo gelding by Haidas Lil Gun x Niftys Ali (QH)
    • Reserve: Dejonna Casselman-Reed of Stephenville, Texas, & NCR Navajo Jo, a 2016 red roan overo gelding by Metallic Cat (QH) x Shiney N Sporty (QH)
  • Amateur Solid Paint-Bred Ranch
    • Champion: Karen Johnson of Burns, Tennessee, & Gotta Hot Gun, a 2010 bay solid gelding by Spooks Gotta Gun x Hot Coded Candy (QH)
    • Reserve: Jeanine Burkart-Jones of Whitesboro, Texas, & Gunnabeatya, a 2013 dun solid mare by Gunnatrashya x Beat This Enterprise (QH)
  • Open Ranch Horse
    • Champion: Color Me Marked, a 2016 bay tobiano gelding by Color Me Smart x Markanotherspot; owned by Claire Armstrong of Weatherford, Texas
    • Reserve: SS Genuine Metal, a 2017 sorrel overo mare by Metallic Masterpiece x Miss Genuine Zanoita (QH); owned by James & Brenda Brown of Keenesburg, Colorado
  • Open Solid Paint-Bred Ranch Horse
    • Champion: Gotta Hot Gun, a 2010 bay solid gelding by Spooks Gotta Gun x Hot Coded Candy (QH); owned by Karen Johnson of Burns, Tennessee
    • Reserve: Gunner Got Out, a 2007 gray solid gelding by Colonels Smokingun x Miss Taris Rey (QH); owned by S. Lynn Walker of Shreveport, Louisiana
  • Ranch Youth
    • Champion: Treylyn Hancock of Wharton, Texas, & Slide My Way, a 2016 sorrel overo gelding by Zezes Pepto Cat x Pastels Play Girl (QH)
    • Reserve: Tucker Dove of Midland, Texas, & Fancy Lil Gun, a 2009 sorrel solid gelding by Colonels Lil Gun x Fancy Anna
  • Solid Paint-Bred Ranch Youth
    • Champion: Brenna Bush of Cypress, Texas, & Zippin With My Cowboy, a 2016 bay solid gelding by The Original Cowboy x Sensationally
    • Reserve: Haylee Triplett of Gouldbusk, Texas, & Roo Starlet, a 2009 sorrel solid mare by Roo Star (QH) x Mist N Smokette

Two additional special awards were also presented:

  • Leading Breeder
    • Simons Show Horses, LLC, Aubrey, Texas
  • Leading Owner/Breeder/Exhibitor
    • Danita Drake, Shelbyville, Illinoi

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