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3 tips for easy APHA registration by the December 31 deadline

December 31 is more than just the last day of 2017—it’s your final opportunity to cash in on low APHA registration rates for your 2017 foals. Use these steps for fast, easy registration:

  • Complete the registration application in full, and provide photos and fees. One of the most common delays for foal registrations is when incomplete information is received, or when it’s received without payment. Here’s a quick checklist to review:
    • Is the foal info section at the top of the registration complete, including name choices, foaling date and sex?
    • Did you list the registered name and registration number of the sire and dam?
    • Is the application signed by the owner of the sire at the time of breeding, or noted as “released”?
    • Is the application signed by the owner of the dam at the time of foaling?
    • Did the dam owner sign the “transfer of foal” section if someone else now owns the foal, and is the buyer’s contact info and date of sale noted there?
    • Did you include all required registration photos of the foal, showing the entire horse: left side, right side, front and rear? Include extra photos of minimal markings with a ruler nearby and long hair clipped short.
    • Did you provided payment for all required fees? (make sure you’re referencing current fees, available here)


  • Register online at aphaonline.org for fastest completion. The owner of the dam at the time of foaling is the one who can register online, and a current membership is required for the dam owner—log in, then click on “Bronze” and “Foal Registration” to get started. You’ll need:
    • Your Breeders Control Number (on the bottom of your pre-printed breeder’s certificate, or accessible using the “Find your BC Number” option on the site).
    • The breeding must be released by the stallion owner—you’ll see verbiage on the pre-printed breeder’s certificate about this, or you can provide APHA a copy of the registration application signed by the stallion owner via email.
    • And if this is your Quarter Horse or Thoroughbred dam’s first foal, she will need to be enrolled for breeding before you can register online—submit that info that here.
    • Photos uploaded through the online site work best if they’re resized to 800 pixels x 600 pixels. Show the whole horse (left, right, front and rear) and include additional closeups of minimal markings with a ruler nearby and long hair clipped short.


  • Don’t procrastinate—register now! The December 31 deadline means we get a flood of registrations around that time, which can mean slower processing time for your work. Avoid the lines and unexpected technical glitches that could delay your registration by taking care of business now.

Foal registrations can be done online, or sent to APHA via email (askapha@apha.com) or postal mail (make sure it’s postmarked by December 31 for best rates).

Take care of your foal’s registration now to make your 2017 bundle of joy official! APHA registration makes your foal eligible for APHA programs and showing opportunities in the future, and is a valuable piece of his personal identity going forward.

Questions? Email askapha@apha.com


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