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2021-2022 AjPHA Executive Committee Officers Announcement

By Isabel Schween

Congratulations to the newly elected 2021-2022 AjPHA Executive Committee officers! This exceptional group of leaders has been selected by their peers to oversee AjPHA business, report on the status of the association and help govern and direct the course of AjPHA during their year-long tenure. We look forward to seeing the accomplishments of these bright young leaders over the next year!

2021-2022 AjPHA Executive Committee

President: Ruby Voortmeyer
President-Elect: Treylyn Hancock
Vice President: Emily Coggins
Secretary: Cody Dulin
Treasurer: Colten Dulin
Zone 1 Representative: Cody Dulin
Zone 2 Representative: Ashlyn Montague
Zone 3 Representative: Reese Byers
Zone 4 Representative: Taylor Eller
Zone 5 Representative: Madison Brown
Zone 7 Representative: Morgan Duhon
Zone 8 Representative: Riley Francis
Zone 9 Representative: Emily Coggins
Zone 10 Representative: Hannah Janssen
Zone 11 Representative: Melanie Moossdorff
Zone 12 Representative: Lea Klink

For more information on the AjPHA Executive Committee and their upcoming plans, be sure to check out the September/October 2021 issue of the Paint Horse Journal! In this edition, newly elected AjPHA President Ruby Voortmeyer will be featured in an article where she will introduce the 2021-2022 AjPHA Executive Committee Project that she has selected for the upcoming term.

To learn more about leadership positions and other AjPHA opportunities, please contact Megan McMullen at MMcMullen@APHA.com.


[Reprinting all or part of this news release is permitted, so long as credit is given to the Paint Horse Journal and a link provided back to apha.com.]


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