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2019 APHA World Show competitors will ride away with complimentary class videos

Though you can never quite replicate the feeling of a stellar performance, APHA’s 2019 World Championship Show competitors can now watch their classes again and again—for free—thanks to APHA’s newest partnership.

APHA is excited to welcome Equine Promotion of Whitesboro, Texas, as the official videographer of the 2019 APHA Youth World Championship Show and APHA Open/Amateur World Championship Show taking place at the Will Rogers Memorial Center in Fort Worth, Texas. Founded by Jeremy Olsen, Equine Promotion is also the official videographer for the major events hosted by the National Reining Horse Association, National Reined Cow Horse Association and American Quarter Horse Association.

“APHA is committed to providing our World Show exhibitors with the best possible experience, and this is another step toward that goal,” Senior Director of APHA Events Holly Slaughter said. “We hope these videos become crucial tools exhibitors use to learn from their performances, share with their friends and remember their biggest moments in the World Show spotlight.”

Exhibitors and fans alike can enjoy free live webcasts at the World Show throughout the event. In addition to live video services, Equine Promotion will provide a complimentary digital copy to every exhibitor for each of their classes, courtesy of APHA. Exhibitors will receive a link to their class videos automatically; no sign-up is necessary. Exhibitors can ensure they receive their videos by providing their current email address to the APHA Show Office upon check-in.

For questions or assistance with videos, exhibitors can visit the Equine Promotion booth on the John Justin Arena concourse or email videos@equinepromotion.com.


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