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2019 AjPHA Youth Leadership Conference Travel Scholarship Recipients Announced

Each year, passionate Paint Youth gather at the AjPHA Youth Leadership Conference for a weekend of learning, skill development, friendship and fun—and 2019 is already gearing up to be the biggest conference yet!

Two AjPHA members have been selected to receive $750 travel scholarships to attend the Youth Leadership Conference, with one being earmarked for a first-time YLC attendee and the other for a current AjPHA National Director. These scholarships are designed to help encourage Youth to attend the Youth Leadership Conference.
The 2018-19 AjPHA National Director YLC Scholarship recipient is Madison Wollaston of Bellevue, Michigan. A freshman in high school, Madison is fairly new to showing APHA—she first got involved in 2018 with her special Paint partner, Gentlemens Lad. Madison jumped into involvement with AjPHA with both feet: getting involved with Michigan Paint Horse by participating in the Youth Team Tournament, donating her horse for the Youth World Games in 2018,  running for an officer spot with her local club and encouraging her Interscholastic Equestrian Association friends to get involved with Paints, too! Madison looks forward to the Youth Leadership Conference as she wants to get further involved with the association and learn more about APHA governance, as well as make new friends from all over.
The First Time Attendee YLC Scholarship recipient is Mya Martin of Evington, Virginia. This goal-oriented eighth grader is very involved with her community and local Paint Horse family via the Virginia Paint Horse Club. She has served as treasurer for the VjPHC and has played a major role in fundraising efforts for the club. Recently, Mya was selected to receive the Virginia Paint Horse Club Youth Sportsmanship Award. Outside of her APHA activities, Mya is involved with her school, community and church. Mya’s also a business owner; she founded Mya’s Munchies, a bakery which donates all profits to charity. Mya is excited for the YLC and looks forward to learning how to best present the Paint horse to other kids in her area as well as meeting kids from around the country.
“The AjPHA Youth Leadership Conference is one of the best ways for Youth members to learn about how a national association works, share their opinions and, of course, make lasting friendships with like-minded equestrians from all over the country. These travel scholarships help bring in even more diverse views to our conference, while providing a great opportunity for Youth interested in APHA’s leadership offerings,” Director of Youth Activities and APHA Events Christine Gillett said. “We have received an overwhelming response to this year’s YLC, and I know it’s going to be one of our best years yet.”
It’s not too late to reserve your spot at the 2019 Youth Leadership Conference. The event takes place in conjunction with the 2019 APHA Convention, and features icebreaker games, educational seminars, a volunteer trip, insight into APHA and its governance and leadership opportunities.


$85 for participants/ $40 for chaperones

Register Online

Questions? Contact Director of Youth Activities and APHA Events Christine Gillett at [email protected].



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