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2018 Paint Horse Championships successfully draw nearly 700 exhibitors at seven events

Photo courtesy 2018 Northwest Paint Horse Championship
The 2018 APHA Paint Horse Championship Show series finish strong in its third year, featuring seven championship shows that reached exhibitors from the following regions: Southeast, Northeast, Eastern Canadian, Northwest, Western Canadian, European and North Central.
Each show was allotted awards for up to 15 classes sponsored by APHA including buckles and ribbons through 6th place.  Between the seven shows, there was a total of 678 entries for an average of 97 entries per event.
The Paint Horse Championship Show series was developed in 2015 by a task force to increase local show participation and provide recognition to a group of exhibitors that might not be able to attend larger APHA shows or the World Shows.Exhibitors at these events are restricted from having placed in the Top Five in halter classes and Top 10 in performance classes at an APHA World Show within the last 10 years.
“The feedback I’ve received from exhibitors and show managers of these events has been very positive throughout the year.  Many show managers have mentioned that these classes have brought in new faces and excitement of the awards to groups that they wouldn’t be reaching otherwise. Overall, it’s a great program that many are looking forward to again in 2019,” APHA Director of Shows Amanda Cormack said.
The Paint Horse Championship program has been renewed for 2019 with the same criteria. Each Zone is given the opportunity to offer these classes at one show; Zone Coordinating Committees are responsible for selecting the APHA-approved show within their zone in which to offer the classes. These classes may not take place in conjunction with an APHA Zone Show (Exception:  Zones 10, 11 or 12).

2019 Paint Horse Championship Details

For more information on how to host these classes at your show, contact Director of Shows Amanda Cormack at acormack@apha.com.


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