Youth scholarships
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$100,000 in Youth scholarships & 23 all-around awards at the 2024 APHA World Show

With $100,000 in Youth scholarships and 23 all-around awards offered at the 2024 APHA World Championship Show, exhibitors get the best of both worlds. Cash for college and amazing all-around prize recognition—part of the $1.5 million being awarded at the World Show this year—means there’s no need to choose college savings over horse shows … exhibitors can have their cake and eat it too with APHA!

The World Show takes place June 21-July 7, 2024, at the Will Rogers Memorial Center in Fort Worth, Texas. Pre-entries are due May 15 for the best rates. Online entries will open in April.

No qualifying required!

Youth Scholarships: $100,000


  • $100,000 in Youth scholarships awarded in ALL Youth World Championship classes
    • $1,250 per class awarded to 1st –3rd place, plus one random exhibitor
  • All-Around Youth Awards: champions $500 scholarships, reserve champions $250 scholarships


Sponsored by American Paint Horse Foundation & APHA


All-Around Awards: 23 Categories

Prize packages include:


All-Around Champions:

  • Bob’s Custom Saddle certificate, courtesy Bob’s Custom Saddles
    • (Exception: English Performance receives an English saddle, courtesy Schneiders)
  • 8” x 10” photograph, courtesy Ruehle Photographix
  • $500 Youth scholarship (Youth divisions only), courtesy APHA


All-Around Reserve Champions:

  • Harris gift certificate, courtesy Harris Leather & Silverworks
    • (Exception: English Performance receives an English bridle, courtesy Schneiders)
  • Rod Patrick boot certificate, courtesy Rod Patrick Bootmakers
  • 8” x 10” photograph, courtesy Ruehle Photographix
  • $250 Youth scholarship (Youth divisions only), courtesy APHA


All-Around Awards:

  • Open Show Horse
  • Open Western Performance Horse
  • Open English Performance Horse
  • Open Solid Paint-Bred Show Horse
  • Open Exhibitor
  • Amateur 19-44
  • Masters Amateur
  • Amateur Solid Paint-Bred
  • Novice Amateur
  • Amateur Walk-Trot
  • Youth 13 & Under
  • Youth 14-18
  • Youth Solid Paint-Bred
  • Novice Youth 13 & Under
  • Novice Youth 14-18
  • Youth Walk-Trot
  • Open Ranch Horse
  • Open Solid Paint-Bred Ranch Horse
  • Amateur Ranch
  • Amateur Solid Paint-Bred Ranch
  • Novice Amateur Ranch
  • Youth Ranch
  • Youth Solid Paint-Bred Ranch


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